Friday, June 3, 2011

| 03062011 | * Outing day.


its another week of friday. its our outing, i mean girls outing for a dinner (: 

after passing up our research stuffs in college, around 2pm, actually planned to went KL to had panmee as our dinner since huibin said its nice? (: but due to the traffic, its so jam and we went go one utama to had chili's as our dinner. and this is my first time eating chili's yeah (: please kindly feel proud my dears :p 

after dinner, ofcourse we walk walk around. huibin bought her stuffs. and around 4 something, we left. huibin dropped me at sunway pyramid and i was alone walking around. look for those make up stuffs until puiyi came. then we booked shogun and still, walk around and look for shirts. just like crazy .__. yeah i bought 2 singlet :p 

around 7pm, went to shogun and had our shashimi as dinner :p woo yeah i had alot of salmon until im gonna become a salmon LOL. 9 plus, puiyi dropped me in college because my car was there, then we drove home. (:


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