Wednesday, November 23, 2011

| 23112011 | * Test Test Test!

Hello, a photo from Genting (:

well, due to the reason i'm installing adobe illustrator and i have to close all the adobe windows and causes me cant continue my editing for magazine assignments. TADAAAA! im here to blog again (:

i guess im letting go any chance of blogging. teehee. everyone is here doing assignments. yup im still staying in friend's house. for like 3 days already if im not mistaken? there are long more way to go, until saturday =/

but that's a good things to announce here. friday im going to have fun with my gangs. woohoo! swim, movie, dinner, sing and drink! hope i do enjoy alot yo!

this afternoon, im having test alone with my lecturer Andrew. luckily he didnt give me lots of pressure. he mark his paper, i do my paper. but ahhh, careless mistakes for calculation! and i never know chapter 4 will come out everything, i thought only usability. he comes out alot! shit man. let him scold and bird..........

haihh my marks were low. but yup he did try to help me alot. therefore, i have one more test on friday............... i know alot of people think its good, even myself also think its good. but i dont like, know why? because i dont like letting him shoot face to face and only me. i dont know what to do when he's scolding, he shoot like nobody business and its hurt you know. making me low self esteem. i dont like the way he talk, he dont understand. haih :( hope this friday i will pass my day as happy as i can, hopefully.


Monday, November 21, 2011

| 21112011 | * Football Match.

Hey guys. Its my first time watching football match with mua friends. woohoo! well we not purposely doing that because we're rushing assignments. we went Piccadilly for dinner and there are crowded of people watching. We watch while eating. Our place is such a feng shui place and can see clearly. we were there for like 2 hours zzz.

And what the result we know is, Malaysia won! wooohoo. penalty Malaysia vs Indonesia 4-3. teehee. all the people in Piccadilly clapping hand and celebrating? Facebook and Twitter were full of Malaysia Malaysia words. besides, also full of status requesting for holiday. HAHA.

Good ball Malaysia! =)


| 21112011 | * Our Recent.

Good Evening :)

its been days im staying in friend's house that i never had before. i feel surprised that mua mum allowed me to do so. assignments stack up like a mountain and we're gonna to complete all of them.

it's first day, it had passed. there are few more days coming up, for us to stress up and stay up late. sleeping lesser and lesser. from 4 hours to 3 hours and to 2 hours. soon, i guess it will be an hour probably? our eye have become smaller and smaller even i feel like making up to go for class. people are getting blur and blur. soon, i cant remember anyone of you because im getting older and older.

what's the problem? assignment and time managing problem i guess. ze last day of fighting is on Friday because it's the due date of EVERYTHING. God bless. i have ze feeling that we might only sleep for less than an hour on Friday. or perhaps we will not have the chance to sleep.

Saturday and Sunday, everyone of us must rest kaokao and spend time with our family. because of our assignments, we didnt really contact each other. i miss them right now =/

and this Friday, there're our finals exam coming. ahhhhhhh, gayao! Wednesday im going to college taking test alone. ahhh so scary you know. hope ze lecturer dont be so mischievous to play us around.

- us.

Bless us,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

| 19112011 | * TJ's Concert.

well, actually i blog this post like after a month. just to note down that i've been TJ's concert before. woohoo! and its free yo! its a free seating sponsored from Alpha. went to convention with sixta and after that, night time we got concert. teehee.ohh besides that, Wan Wai Fan, one of the DJ in MY FM is the MC of the day.

didnt know that last time i liked a song named 厚脸皮 and they are the singer of the song. LOL. in my memory, their sound is nice. yup it is! their song is so nice man. i feel like im slowly falling in love to them LOL.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

| 15112011 | * Busy Day.

it's only Tuesday. but i feel that time flies, perhaps only this week because we're so damn effing busy! there's a lot of assignments. but i tried my best to update my blog :)

yesterday overnight at friend's house because it's too late to go home. it's danger. that time was around 3 something in ze midnight.

today also will overnight at friend's house due to tomorrow lecturer wants to check our work. so we have to rush. from early morning we went out for shooting the advertisement for our assignment, until 6pm. then back to friend's house.

after dinner at 10pm, we have to continue our editing, creating and this and that again .__. guess tonight we all will be dead and tomorrow will have a dead face as well.

i really feel thankful to all my friends that helped us out for the assignment. like help us for shooting, editing, helping us this and that. thankiew! ;)

Bless me good day.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

| 13112011 | * Assignment Day II.

. . . H e l l o     M y     D r e a m     L a n d . . .

it's another day of rushing assignment again. There's alot of assignment due tomorrow. Well, i woke up at 1230pm and had my brunch at home. Then i start doing nothing because my daddy is using my laptop to watch PPS T__T how stress, looking at own laptop but cant bring it back.that's suffering you know.

luckily im clever. i start using PC to type whatever craps that related to the assignment and email to my own hotmail. then when i realize my daddy fell asleep, i steal back my laptop and hide myself in room and start doing my assignment. i log in to my hotmail and download the file and continue my assignment. smart right? :p

at home, i only manage to do 2 pages. after a moment, i went out to SS15 Starbucks to pick up yilin and had meal in Face to Face Pan Mee, again. then, went to Subang Avenue Old Town to do assignment. hell laptop cant online again! guess my laptop having such network problem like my HP laptop last time. it's okay! i can more focus on my assignment. if needed, i use my phone to access the internet. that's good?

but when comes to sending email, i connect my laptop to my 3G so that i can use. luckily it works. LOL. around 1130pm, we left. Gawd my car parked in Carefour and it was closed and everywhere locked! Gosh how am i going to get my car out of there. luckily there's some people guide us along the way, i got no chance to tell, thank you Pak Cik :)

sent yilin home. then im home too. right now, right here, blogging :)

- good taste :)


Saturday, November 12, 2011

| 12112011 | * Assignment Day.

*blur* Haii.

its crazy. im crazy! i've been doing assignment for whole day! from the moment i finish my brunch until now. WTH. my brain and eye feeling so stress. OHMY. i really dont know how to vomit out 3 papers of words based on comparing movies.

guess what? i watched KL Gangster. i bought the movie for RM8 and watched it. haiks, i got no choice. it's needed for assignment. but overall that movie is not that bad. not like how worst as i expect. the only thing i dont get confused is there are too many gangs, making me confuse the whole thing .___.

im still at friend's house doing assignment watching movies. i have to find out the differences larrr woii. how woii. im dying soon. and the thing i very worry is, i havent touch my Interactive Multimedia notes at all. i dont know when am i going to take the test. and im afraid to take test alone :'( i wanto cry zor T.T someone please come and chill me up :'(

i think i should go home soon. is it? or i should just continue here watching movies? but im tired :'( and coming weeks i might overnight and friend's house to do other difficult assignments! Arghhh please save me, someone! ;'(

Wish me luck.


Friday, November 11, 2011

| 11112011 | * Im Back to College Like A Kid! :)


Im finally back to college! I have to admit that after travel i feel abit lazy. Arghh but i have to control myself and never lose to the distraction of devil. I want ANGEL ♥ :)

Feeling weird but im happy in college today. Because im back to college just like small kids :p Peoples know that i like going school/college study right? Do you know? Nahh please remember that im a hardworking kid. HAHA.

although today classes were tired and some of them - boring =x but, i enjoy. teehee. class ended at 5pm and sixta picked me up because she need to use car. After that went back home to take a rest. NO, not nap. Its REST. like watching movies, enjoy and getting out of stress.

850pm, took bath and ready to out for OverTime ze beer time now! Yup, im waiting them to arrive my house. then we'll go somewhere else to get some foods. after that beer time! x)

who were they? Yilin, Chian and Daniel! x)

So why are you here? It's Friday! Let's enjoy people. Get away from your work, documents, papers, laptops! Go get some drinks chill with ya friends and release stress :))

Good Friday! 
#Wish111111 World peace, justice world and healthy family :)


Thursday, November 10, 2011

| R4ND0M | * I'm Back!

Herrro peoples! Im back from ze awesome place, China yo! Dah habis enjoy, so its time to fight for mua assignments. i think? Many things to do yo? Aiyoyoyo, yoyoyoyoyoyo. =/

Well, i enjoyed mua trip. I enjoyed ze foods. I enjoyed ze weather. I enjoyed ze shopping. I enjoyed ze climbing. Most important, I enjoyed time spent together with mua lovely mami :)

OKEH! Buhhbaiis XOXO.


Monday, November 7, 2011

| R4ND0M | * Leaving to China.

Hey guys. Im leaving to China for few days. Of course will get back to my blog after that. Do visit my blog everyday alright? ;)

Honestly, i really feel so worry about my group assignment and test. I dont feel enjoy at all. And i dont feel any excitement. The feeling is really sux to the max! Not that i can leave without any worry. But i feel double stress because i feel like im so irresponsible to throw all the work for my groupmate. Haiks ;(

Anyway, hope i enjoy. Im currently in LCCT and waiting for check in. Having my breakfast in Marry Brown. So im here to blog a little about my feeling.

Take care everyone! Will surely miss you guys lots :)


Sunday, November 6, 2011

| 06112011 | * GaiiGaii x)

S A W A     D E E   K A A A A 

this early morning, woke up at 10am and rush to prepared cause im late. then bump onto puiyi's car and we went to Mid Valley for PC Expo. went there for a walk. cause we always work for these kind of fair and always serve the customer, why dont we let the promoter to serve us for one time? ;))

then, we also had Moo Cow Yogurt there and waiting the time to pass. 1pm, we left and went to One Utama to met up Ronald, ZhiHong, YuanFung and AwYong. we went there just to walk walk, yamcha like that. LOL.

first station, we went Jusco for mum mum. Mmmmm i found something niceeeeee! RM9.90 fresh salmon rice. woohoo! nyumnyum ♥ 

after meal, went Sasa, Watson and other shoplots just to walk walk. and our last station in ComeBuy. A weird shop name where selling drinks like Chatime. The name reminds me of 'Kampai'. LOL. well their sweet rose with brasil seeds is really not bad ;) we were there for like an hour. after that we leave.

Thanks to Puiyi be the driver today! teehee x)

- Moooooo 

- ComeBuy.

- AwYong, ZhiHong, Me, PuiYi, Ronald and YuanFung :3


Saturday, November 5, 2011

| 05112011 | * Happy Birthday Sixta.

First of all, Happy Birthday to my dearly lovely sister. Our relationship is so so so so so damn close until no one can separate us. She dont want any gift, even a cake from me. Perhaps i can treat her some meal? (: Anyway, all the best for you! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Next thing i wanna post is about my nail. HAHAHA just randomly post that yaaa x)

- bought this from Sasa and cost me RM14.90 only :))



Friday, November 4, 2011

| 04112011 | * QQ Steamboat at Kepong.

class as usual. its Friday! after class, went Sunway Pyramid Redbox alone. YES you didnt see wrong, im singing alone. HAHA its weird i know. everytime i tell people, people confirm get shock. Never lie, i really sing alone. Its lesser now, when i was in secondary school, i used to go alone often x)

Perhaps its really weird, but you can find the fun and entertainment where you cant find when you're with your friends. Seriously x)

after Redbox, went to college area picked up PuiYi. then we went Kepong! reached there around 645pm and we wait them again -.-"

after met up everyone, we went steamboat together! Ahhhh, i thought we went Happy City Steamboat :( mana tau Schumann bring us to QQ Steamboat Buffet. its okehh, try a new place and next time we go there again :)

around 1130pm, we left yo ;)

- my hair, long mou? :p

- us x)

- steamboat and BBQ ;)

- ready for Taiwan Super Spicy Sausage? x)

- ohoh, the feeling come liauuu.

- he said his left gum no feeling already. HAHAHA.

- forcing Ronald to eat :p

Good Day!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

| 03112011 | * Gaming Addiction.

Hello peoples! Share you guys something about addiction. What is the meaning of addiction? According to Wikipedia, addiction define as physical and psychological dependence on psychoactive substances. Dont understand? Its okehh, there's an easier way to explain to you. Let the picture explain to you.

This is an example of addiction. Do you realize their hair? They got the addiction of gaming. Therefore, they wont know what other people doing. And they're strong enough, nobody can disturb them. YES, good job.

Well just joking x) Anyway went to Sunway Redbox together with Yilin and ChingYih. woohoo. never know he can sing so well. pandai-nya! x) after that, we went to Klang at around 730pm to do something. Until 12am like that only back to my lovely home. And still, i dont feel tired at all .__.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

| 01112011 | * Happy Birthday to Baba and Uncle.

well, what a good date, its first of Nov and in year 2011. Time flies, its November. Soon its December and one year passed like this, lifeless. LOL.

what's about today? class at 8am and end at 10am. Pissing me off because of the lecturer. I dont know what's the purpose im there, we always do nothing! Its going to final exam soon, tell me what did she taught? I have no idea. Always chatting in the class and teach nothing. Argh! Wasting my time :(

Class end, went One Utama with Yilin, HuiBin and MichelleGan for movie - In Time.

Hey guys, please please please go and watch it! It's so so awesome! Seriously, im not lying! You have to watch it or else you're gonna waste your time continue like this. Please please watch its very nice! No regrets.

After movie, thanks to HuiBin dropped me back to college and collect my car. Back to home for like 20 minutes? Then picked up my sister and went Old Klang Road to buy cake because party tonight! To celebrate my baba and uncle's birthday! x)

9pm, went Giant with sister to buy Pizza Hut and back to home. Waiting for 'em to come back home. Then, start celebrating :)

- wine ;)

- thousand layer cake.

- sorry, its inconvenient to show :p

All The Best.