Thursday, November 3, 2011

| 03112011 | * Gaming Addiction.

Hello peoples! Share you guys something about addiction. What is the meaning of addiction? According to Wikipedia, addiction define as physical and psychological dependence on psychoactive substances. Dont understand? Its okehh, there's an easier way to explain to you. Let the picture explain to you.

This is an example of addiction. Do you realize their hair? They got the addiction of gaming. Therefore, they wont know what other people doing. And they're strong enough, nobody can disturb them. YES, good job.

Well just joking x) Anyway went to Sunway Redbox together with Yilin and ChingYih. woohoo. never know he can sing so well. pandai-nya! x) after that, we went to Klang at around 730pm to do something. Until 12am like that only back to my lovely home. And still, i dont feel tired at all .__.


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