Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Hello, a photo from Genting (:

well, due to the reason i'm installing adobe illustrator and i have to close all the adobe windows and causes me cant continue my editing for magazine assignments. TADAAAA! im here to blog again (:

i guess im letting go any chance of blogging. teehee. everyone is here doing assignments. yup im still staying in friend's house. for like 3 days already if im not mistaken? there are long more way to go, until saturday =/

but that's a good things to announce here. friday im going to have fun with my gangs. woohoo! swim, movie, dinner, sing and drink! hope i do enjoy alot yo!

this afternoon, im having test alone with my lecturer Andrew. luckily he didnt give me lots of pressure. he mark his paper, i do my paper. but ahhh, careless mistakes for calculation! and i never know chapter 4 will come out everything, i thought only usability. he comes out alot! shit man. let him scold and bird..........

haihh my marks were low. but yup he did try to help me alot. therefore, i have one more test on friday............... i know alot of people think its good, even myself also think its good. but i dont like, know why? because i dont like letting him shoot face to face and only me. i dont know what to do when he's scolding, he shoot like nobody business and its hurt you know. making me low self esteem. i dont like the way he talk, he dont understand. haih :( hope this friday i will pass my day as happy as i can, hopefully.


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