Saturday, November 12, 2011

| 12112011 | * Assignment Day.

*blur* Haii.

its crazy. im crazy! i've been doing assignment for whole day! from the moment i finish my brunch until now. WTH. my brain and eye feeling so stress. OHMY. i really dont know how to vomit out 3 papers of words based on comparing movies.

guess what? i watched KL Gangster. i bought the movie for RM8 and watched it. haiks, i got no choice. it's needed for assignment. but overall that movie is not that bad. not like how worst as i expect. the only thing i dont get confused is there are too many gangs, making me confuse the whole thing .___.

im still at friend's house doing assignment watching movies. i have to find out the differences larrr woii. how woii. im dying soon. and the thing i very worry is, i havent touch my Interactive Multimedia notes at all. i dont know when am i going to take the test. and im afraid to take test alone :'( i wanto cry zor T.T someone please come and chill me up :'(

i think i should go home soon. is it? or i should just continue here watching movies? but im tired :'( and coming weeks i might overnight and friend's house to do other difficult assignments! Arghhh please save me, someone! ;'(

Wish me luck.


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