Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Today *\\29.04.2010//*

woke up at 8am.
wow that's really early,
because i slept kinda late yesterday.
and some television sound scared me and wake me up.

okay back to the topic,
early in the morning,
get ready and dress well,
went OUG and eat breakfast with baba and sister.
then went KLCC,
outfits with high heels.
luckily booth have chairs.
if not i guess i will buy slipper there.

know what?
i wore high heels for 11 hours.
and my leg is seriously very pain.
working as promoter and with salary.

break time me and my sister took kenny roger's food.
in this job,
i learnt a lot of things.
it's different with selling milk powder promoter.
i dont know how to explain deeply,
but seriously, this is different to me.

after working,
very very hungry.
went subang and eat bak kut teh with my family.

- On the way going work. =)

- Daikin booth.

- I'm seriously working on it. =)

- Kenny Rogers.

- Exhibitor card.

- Her; Joyce.

- Exhibitor, i am. =)

- by kellye tan

One Day Trip in Malacca *\\27.04.2010//*

well well.
sorry for the late posting this.
because i tried my very best to upload the pictures taken in Malacca but too bad.
i still cant make it.
because the line too slow.

i got my way.

first of all,
thanks to Yaw to guide us the way to Malacca and bring us to eat all the delicious and famous food there.
We enjoy a lot.
We went to eat chicken rice balls, satay with peanut sauce and also the most delicious cakes that i would never forget the taste, Thousasnd layer cake.
it is so pretty yummy and it is so special.
I love it so so much.

we also went to pool and somewhere like sea side?
But isnt a beach.
but well,
we still enjoy the feeling of wind blowing and we enjoy the sound of waves.
i really feel it and it is so comfortable.

we also went to see the historical places and photo shooting as well.
took a lots of picture by 2 professional photographer.
oh yeah did i mention who was joining the trip?
Yaw, AikHow, Fei, ChunMeng, ChungLam, JianVyee, Sheng, Calvin, Yannie, YiLin, Chian and me.
Total 12 people from IT and Mass Communication.

It's a great great great trip i've ever had.
really enjoy a lot but too bad i cant overnight,
if not, i believe it will be more fun.
try to make it next time kayy?

3 cars sending Yaw back home,
his Malacca home.
thanks a lot Yaw!

You guys can enjoy the photos by clicking here and here.
2 different camera with 2 different photo album.

- love ya'll! =)

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Today *\\28.04.2010//*

I woke up very late today.
i woke up at 3pm.
and what is the first thing i do?
i replied my message to my dear chian.
and i straight come to front of laptop.
got a bad news.
and really pissed me off.
make me supremely angry.

today is seriously no more.
if there is,
i dont want anymore!
know what?
there are people spreading the fake news saying that i go and flirt with guys,
saying that if the guy got no girlfriend and i will go for him.

fake news is kind of common things,
because everyone have mouth and always like to talk.
i never blame.
but the problem is,
there are one guy which is i love him the most,
believe what other people said and come and break with me.
at first,
i request to think carefully.
but after few hours,
i decide just break.
this is not a relationship.

i still remember he asked me loooong time ago,
'' what if you saw i am hugging a girl? ''
i answered, '' i wont slap you immediately, i will find out what is happening first. ''

How about you?
tell me how about you?
never even find out what is happening,
never even have evidence,
never even SEE IT,
but only hear what people said,
and so,
you believe!

prove that how important their word is.
well and this also prove that i am not anything that worth to let you believe in me,
am i right?

at first,
i never blame the people who simply spread,
because for me is,
i never care how people see me,
as long as i know what myself doing,
as long as you JC, my dears, darlings and family believe in me.
but the first one who send me to the hell,
never believe that is was you.
i am not purposely cursing that people who talk about me.
but he/she ruin mine at first,
so i think he/she better be careful his/her future kids got no butt.
honestly i am cursing this damn strongly in my heart,
i am really, seriously angry.

maybe if there is a small things then i will never put in heart,
but this is too big,
until ruin my felicity,
i have to.
impossible i take it as my fault because it is not.
i will never admit with those stuff that i never did.

i am not sad,
but i disappointed,
my heart break.
and i feel myself is like a fool.
love a person that he didnt even believe in me.
what for?
i thought i told you before?
in a relationship,
most important thing we must have only 5 things.
Honest, Forgiving, Understanding, Believing and Tolerating.

you lost your believing at first,
next is understanding,
then coming up is forgiving,
then tolerate and honest.

you got no ANYTHING.
because you SAME like others,
never even have extra believe towards me.
You SAME like others,
judge me without knowing my personalities.
You SAME like others,
only know to LISTEN but never even FIND OUT the EVIDENCE!

LOVE can just transform into HATE in only few minutes msn chatting.
know why?
deeply disappoint a person,
deeply broke my heart.

well fine,
it's all over.
you want to believe in who,
it's up to you.
we're over JC!

dont say you believe me if you are not,
dont say something that you wont even follow,
dont cheat me like a fool,
i have feelings,
i am a human.
i am not your toy and just throw me aside.
dont even promise me anything if you cant make it.
makes me feel that you're just a liar!

i said, i did.
i admit because i really did.
i did not admit because i never even do it.
how about you?

there are NO FOREVER in this world.
these are all FAKE!
in this world,
there are always a lie behind the truth.

you broke my heart,
make me feel that there are so hopeless with BOYS!
said thanks to you if i really become a lesbians.
thank you sooo much.
there is not a relationship if there isnt believe.

- by kellye tan

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Today *\\26.04.2010//*

random post of today.
FFK my mum and never go for jogging.
because this owl kellyetan sleep late and therefore,
i cannot wake.

i still did exercise at home,
for healthy body,
for lose fats,
for fun,
or what what what and whatever.
as long as i enjoy my exercise and thanks God i never sprain any part of my body.

well well,
went tesco today with my sister.
and guess what?
i bought my Nesvita!
but no more honey flavor.
sad siaaa!
so i bought original but it doesnt taste really good.

and i bought a lot of snacks!
happiieeee siaaaa!

im going Malacca with my friends!
yay yay..


remember click my ADS as well.
thanks a lot!

randomly miss some of my friends:-
- Seehui
- Puiyi
- Amanda
- Jeeseng
- Teckseang
- Wendyphuang
- Chunkang
- Zhicheng
- Kokjun
- Joshua
- Boonwei
- Jasongoh
- Josephlow
- Cheeyang
- Chian
- Yilin
- Joyi
- Yaw
- Calvinloo
- Sheng
- Jianvyee
- Dwana
- Chunmeng
- Michelle
- Vinod
- Tongxuan
- Peiling
- Munling
- Waibin

I dont know why,
but i just randomly missing you guys lots.

- randomleeeee!!

you forever.

- by kellye tan

Sunday, April 25, 2010

- random post.

well i have to admit,


Baby, ILY.

- by kellye tan

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Today *\\23.04.2010//*

went college in the morning,
for getting back cheque and met IT seniors.
went pool and met them,
then went asia cafe.

after that went sunway pyramid all together.

i mean chian, wingwing, sheng, aikhow, yaw, lam, fei and me.
8 people.
went redbox and sing.
dont know what is happening to me today,
i am lazy to sing and lazy to pull my pitch,
i think i am either moody or tired,
i am not sure.

then back to inti again,
went snowflakes with chian and wingwing.
then went IOI for dinner and movie with joshua.
i am home.

is our last day.
i really hope he dont hate me.
because i can say that,
that is not what i want and that is not what i willing,
but overall still my fault,
I am so sorry, I apologize to you, I am so sorry, JC.
never forget, ILY.

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Today *\\20.04.2010//*

it's last paper today!
mass communication paper.
doing well?
not really.

put more effort on doing notes,
but when comes to revise,
i am very sleepy.
too bad.
i didnt really revise it.

after exam,
spent most of the time with chian, sheng, yaw and jianvyee.
even this is my first time to take dinner with them together.
they are very fun and nice people.

after our dinner,
chian sent them home and i went back to college wait for my mum.
know what's the time i went back to the college?
it's around 9pm.
my mum come and pick me at around 11pm.
but well i dont mind,
because i love to stay back,
i dont know why.

so coincidence,
ah yaw came back to college and study.
i didnt know he come back.
reading room is full and he plan to walk to the Mc D,
pass by concourse,
he saw me.

besides his revise and i dont know doing what with my laptop,
we chat also lahh of course.
chat about love and relations.
give me some opinion and advise as well.

then around 10.45pm,
mami came and i went back home.

Friday is coming soon,
i am afraid,
i am grudge.
My mood randomly changed; not stable.

- by kellye tan

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Today *\\19.04.2010//*

it's monday.
it should be my brand new day.
but it dont seems to be good, for me.
these days is like..
everything doesnt go smooth and well.

i keep on scold bad words in facebook?
i keep on said something negative in facebook?
i think some of my friends trying to chill me until they feel bored already.

today is my DIE finals.
i did my notes and went starbucks early and study.
but i couldn't understand of what i am reading.
and i am very stressed.
and also think of what my sister told me yesterday.
kinda sad of that she's not believing in me.
do you know that,
i dont mind of what outsiders see me,
as long as my close friends and my family believe in me.
but well,
some of my friends is not with me,
and my sister too.
it's like world end for me, seriously.
i feel like,
owh, im hopeless.

my DIE exam doesn't seems to be good.
but hopefully will pass.
i pray.

mass communication exam.
actually i already have the feeling of retake.
i am still wondering should i read or shouldnt.
but i will, no worries.

this week,
is our last week, as my decision.
next week,
i will make a decision.
i hope you will understand me and you will respect me.
and besides that,
i am very sorry,
i break my promise.
i actually doesnt mean to do that,
but i dont wanna waste time anymore.
i am so sorry.

for my sister,
she dont believe me,
it's ok.
i will chill for myself.
now i get it,
actually how they see me.
it's kinda hurt of that..

my brother pick me and send me home just now.
he got a call from my mother,
i guess my mum want him to go shop for helping.
then he get angry and scold scold and close the phone.
for me,
it's normal already.
because i know he's that kind of people.
and i know that i will surely get scold.
because of dont know how to drive.

that's true,
he scolded me.
ask me faster learn my driving.
and everyone want him to graduate this year.
he said he got no time to study,
brother and sister go to play always,
how he study?

tears in my eyes again,
because i know,
because of my useless,
dont know how to drive and cause them a lot of problem.
make them tired, disturb them.
i know..
that's why i already decide to take undang on sunday.
i already in planning,
but why no one believe me?
i always tell myself,
second semester i have to drive because i know everytime i wake you all up,
i can feel the shame of myself.
i damn paiseh of you all purposely wake up and send me to school.
i know.
but why just nobody believe me?

i know i am a failure.
everything i do not well or either i cant even success.
love, relationship, family and studies.
what i did well?

but i actually trying to chill myself and trying the best to improve myself.
i am trying not to give up.
but why is that so hard?
why there is no people who believing in me?
i feel like lifeless.
because of failure in everything,
and my close friend and sister is not with me.
i feel like i am not anything in this world anymore.
it's an obstacle in this world.
disturbing everyone and never brings something good.

i dont feel like caring in anything anymore.
because there is no one really, really understand me.
even my JC, never even cares.
so i dont care too.

- by kellye tan

Sunday, April 18, 2010

▪ random post

for the past,
what we left is only memories.
that's why,
we have to make use of every second,
enjoy the time spending with friends or whoever is important to you.

i miss my past,
a lot, a lot.
my friends?
study together in the library?
eating inside and outside school?
sleeping in class?
hang out?
holding each others' hand and walk all the way long to the garden.

i wish to hug you guys now.
hug you guys, TIGHT!

but what we left is memories,
what we are now, we are.
what we have to face is,
front; future.
we have to put more effort on our college life.
assignments, overseas.
some of us have farewells, leavings.
we cry, we sad.
and this is also our life.
this makes us grow up.

we still have long way more to go.
we're in college stage right now.
soon more,
and attend friend's wedding?
see our friends to have their life partner.
my turn.

wondering who is my life partner?
yes i always think of this.
because i dont want to waste time on others.
i want a stable relationship and it last forever.
that's what i want, for now and future.

then soon,
i become a mother,
then soon more,
a grandmother,
then soon soon more,
grand grand mother.

wow that's too far.
but isn't great?
great of thinking and dreaming for future.
if doesn't dream, doesn't imagine,
how can you believe?
am i right?

well actually i dont know why am i posting this.
but i feel that i'm very lonely.
and all my dears is sleeping, i guess?
i feel like talking, sharing.
and tadaaa!
blog is my best friend,
ever ever best friend!

how i wish i can go back to the past,
at least,
i think less,
i sad less too!
so that my white hair can grow less.

but too bad,
fact is fact,
this is life.
life is always happy happy, unhappy unhappy, anger anger, tired tired, frustrated and many more.
i always tell myself of being a success person.
actually can I?
yes i believe,
sometimes it doesn't seems that I can do of what I wish to do.
and i start posting a lot of meaningful quotes on my Facebook.
such as success success, life life and many more.
i remember the last quote,
If our life never have unhappy things happened, how to shows that happiness is happy?
yes, true right?
but sometimes unhappy really make me feel so..
i dont know.

something make me feel so..
i dont know laahhh.
disturbing me.
can i move back to the past?

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Today *\\14.04.2010//*

class as usual today.
and after class,
went sunway eat sushi king with the girls,
cause having promotions,
the RM 2 per plate that promotions.
whil eating,
im thinking about the past years,
we all WHATEVER girls eat together with jia yong,
and i also went mid valley eat with seehui.
will they think of me while eating?

after that,
went pool again.
cause we got no other place to go.

and yahhh!
it's Dabez birthday today!
Happy Birthday Sha!
guess i wish you a lot of times ya?
still, all the best.

after sunway,
brother sent me home,
and i am going to start my plan today.
this plan was planned 2 months ago,
i want to keep fit,
want to do sit up everyday.
and finally,
i start today.
because as what i keep saying these days,
i want to improve myself, change myself.

I want to become slimmer, cleaner, and cleverer.
I want to speak more english.
I want to shower immediately once im home.
I want to keep fit.
And I want to be a more open person, daring to talk more in class, so that i can enjoy my class and be more active person. This is what a mass communication students should do right?

It might take a lot of time to change myself,
actually sometimes i also thinking that i am always saying, but can I?
i will try my best,
as long as i never think to give up.

good luck to myself, kellyetan!

- kell and chian.

- joyi and yilin.

- I believe myself. :)

Happy Birthday Dabez Sha!

- by kellye tan

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Today *\\11.04.2010//*

nothing much to blog about.
just to note down,
it's me and my baby's 2 month anniversary.

- by kellye tan

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Today *\\09.04.2010//*

at last,
i decide to go out with the WHATEVER.
amanda, puiyi, teck seang and me, jeeseng in penang and seehui always never join.

after class,
met up them and amanda sent us to opposite IOI,
the cone pizza.
this is my first time to eat there,
and how long i never been with them.
yeah right,
im very busy.

having fun eating with them.
and of course i miss the moments that i spent with them in the past, a lot a lot.
after finish eating,
they went back and im waiting for joshua,
we went pool.
yeah i'm having a little bit moody.
pull joshua to pool with me,
and as i said,
im addicted.

he thought me how to play, a little skills gain.
after pool,
he sent me home.

actually there is another session pool with darren also.
but i cant really hear what he said.
and end up i went home,
and he called me,
ask me go yamcha.
i went out again.

after that,
darren sent me home again.
and i start my revision for my tomorrow's paper.
it's my finals tomorrow,
but i can actually go for pool.
WTF with me.

- marks marks marks.

- know what? my darlings said i become more cute compared with the past weih. xD

- teck seang and puiyi. :)

- club 2, snooker & pool.

- joshua ordered. o.O

- by kellye tan

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Today *\\08.04.2010//*

today is our last english class.
and miss tina is going canada after our finals.
even though she's strict and fussy,
but we're all mature and know how to differentiate what is right and what is wrong.
she do these are for our good,
we know.
and because of that,
we did farewell for her.

and we didnt know that it's her birthday today!
luckily we bought cake also.
we ordered domino's pizza and bought soft drinks ad everything we ready like cups, paper plates, tissues and so on.
nice right?

after the celebration,
we all went pool.
obviously and honestly,
chian, joyi and me,
damn me.

and addicted until cannot addict anymore that type.
i have to control, i know.

during pool,
meet my darlings and said that wanna have lunch together the next day.
let me think about it?
cause i have 3 appointments.
depends on who i wanna go out with.

- let's party people! :)

- the last teaching scene during her class. :(

- foods are ready!

- lazy people always gap luii and dont come and help. =p

- let's have some music. :)

- pizza!

- cake. :)

- the moments...

- i damn cute right? xD

- miss tina and me. :)

- puiyi, me and amanda.

- we are always one family. :)

Happy Birthday Miss Tina,
All The Best and never forget, We Love You.

- by kellye tan