Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Today *\\29.04.2010//*

woke up at 8am.
wow that's really early,
because i slept kinda late yesterday.
and some television sound scared me and wake me up.

okay back to the topic,
early in the morning,
get ready and dress well,
went OUG and eat breakfast with baba and sister.
then went KLCC,
outfits with high heels.
luckily booth have chairs.
if not i guess i will buy slipper there.

know what?
i wore high heels for 11 hours.
and my leg is seriously very pain.
working as promoter and with salary.

break time me and my sister took kenny roger's food.
in this job,
i learnt a lot of things.
it's different with selling milk powder promoter.
i dont know how to explain deeply,
but seriously, this is different to me.

after working,
very very hungry.
went subang and eat bak kut teh with my family.

- On the way going work. =)

- Daikin booth.

- I'm seriously working on it. =)

- Kenny Rogers.

- Exhibitor card.

- Her; Joyce.

- Exhibitor, i am. =)

- by kellye tan

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