Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Today *\\20.04.2010//*

it's last paper today!
mass communication paper.
doing well?
not really.

put more effort on doing notes,
but when comes to revise,
i am very sleepy.
too bad.
i didnt really revise it.

after exam,
spent most of the time with chian, sheng, yaw and jianvyee.
even this is my first time to take dinner with them together.
they are very fun and nice people.

after our dinner,
chian sent them home and i went back to college wait for my mum.
know what's the time i went back to the college?
it's around 9pm.
my mum come and pick me at around 11pm.
but well i dont mind,
because i love to stay back,
i dont know why.

so coincidence,
ah yaw came back to college and study.
i didnt know he come back.
reading room is full and he plan to walk to the Mc D,
pass by concourse,
he saw me.

besides his revise and i dont know doing what with my laptop,
we chat also lahh of course.
chat about love and relations.
give me some opinion and advise as well.

then around 10.45pm,
mami came and i went back home.

Friday is coming soon,
i am afraid,
i am grudge.
My mood randomly changed; not stable.

- by kellye tan

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