Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Today *\\31.10.2009//*

woke up super duper early and maggie is my breakfast.
pity me.
went out from house around 7am.
pick puiyi and went seminar.
almost sleep during seminar.
actually i slept.

seminar end at around 1.30pm and mum pick us and send us to ampcorp and work again.
we're wearing high heels and so we're freaking tired.
got people LC us again while we're giving out the papers.
perhaps that's not the right place we can give out the papers.
but please be polite.
so LC for what?
got money get?

around 7.45pm,
mum pick us and send us to IOI mall and we went sushi king and eat.
after that buy something something and puiyi's baba send me home around 10pm.
and so i am freaking tired and stay in room and boil phone with friends.
cause i lazy to sms and stuff, maybe?
i am not sure because i am just all about TIRED.

last day of CE Fair.
but guess Monday only will be the last day of my busy day.
because still got school, tuition and blablabla.
it is so tiring.
bless me,
once again,

- lobak appear during seminar. LOL.

- kellyetan while working as flyer.

there is one day,
we will meet again.

- by kellye tan

Friday, October 30, 2009

My Today *\\30.10.2009//*

Happy Birthday to Ti Hau.
yeap i knew you this year and around this month?
i think?
and you always ask me to jiayou jiayou.
haha, thanks!
and hope you enjoy your birthday and study smart for your SPM.
score good result in SPM,
good luck!

went to school today.
and few people said that they dont recognize me.
how sad.
yes i admit my look had a big different now.
but whatever nar,
i am still the kellyetan.

feel that our class der lyrics is kinda special.
i mean,
very special!
because we made by ourselves and took photos with a lot of cutie pattern.

after school then,
went ICR eat with puiyi.
after that went ampcorp mall.
we work as flyer.
CE fair.
known as Consumer Electric Fair.
and i only slept 1 hour yesterday and today i am freaking tired.

around 6pm,
went home.
i get a nap.
mami wake me up and went to eat together with mua sister.
after that,
we went tesco and bought MANY MANY stuff.

heavy rain,
went home and shower and get enough rest.
because tomorrow will be my tired day again.
seminar and work.
* bless me. *

- i look tired ya?

this is what i want.

- by kellye tan

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Today *\\29.10.2009//*

went library today.
with friends but sit separately.
didnt touch any maths and accounts but start touch BM.
cause i left no time.
hah, i knew.
but didnt really study much also,
cause keep chatting with jasmine.
long time no meet ma.

after library,
went mc dong dong wait for darren come and pick me.
then went pasar malam together.
long time didnt met him already loo.
miss him.

after pasar malam,
he send me back.
ten cute!

- amanda and kell.

- kell.

- kell and library. see i soooo happy. (:

stay with me.
dont worry,
i will never leave you with non acceptable reason.

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Today *\\27.10.2009//*

woke up around 10.30am,
get ready everything and went eat mum mum with mami,
at old town the chicken rice.
finally i brought my mami there.
really very nice.

around 12pm,
reached library.
met up pui wah.
then met up puiyi and teck seang.
and then sit the separate place and study muaself.
did kinda many accounts questions.
i also met up joseph, leong and kokonn for a little while.
and then go back and study.

until around 5.20pm,
mua stomach alarm's alert and ask me for food.
then me and puiyi pack our things and went old town eat chicken rice again.
i guess the worker see me until he also gonna vomit.

after that,
went mc dong dong.
chat chat with puiyi while waiting her baba.
around 7.30pm,
her baba reached and sent me home.
thanks again.

and i decide not to go to school tomorrow, again.
yesterday my mind is running a lot of stuff and made me cant sleep well until 6am.
and now i am considered dead.
kell decide to skip school again,
until friday.
and today only i knew that next wednesday is out graduation day.
means its mua last day.

- library. see my eye damn tired weih. ):

- by kellye tan

Monday, October 26, 2009

▪ random post.

what is the tuition teacher want me to do correction with the exam paper?
i also dont know how to do.
and im having headache now.
can i just dont do?
or tuition that time teacher teach and i correction it?
i really dont know how to do ler.

i dont care weih.
i just continue my studies but i dont do the correction ba.
im just wasting my time to face the paper.
i better read the others.

tomorrow wanna go to school enot?
im still thinking.

time forgets- yiruma

- by kellye tan

Sunday, October 25, 2009

▪ tired.

its really a tiring day.
but i've got enough rest.

tmr will go library?
yeah i think so.

- by kellye tan

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Today *\\24.10.2009//*

went for chinese seminar at andrew choo centre today.
after that went home and take a nap,
cause im not feeling well.

around 10pm,
woke up and went to cousin's open house.
although i sore throat,
but i eat curry.
cause that cousin cook der curry damn nice.

then took some photos.
around 12 something,
back home.

tmr will be a tiring day, i guess?
morning til evening.
*bless me.*

- fish and kell. the perasan one.

- kell and ting. the normal one.

- cong and kell. the cute one. (:

- kell. the siao one. LOL.

- by kellye tan

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Today *\\23.10.2009//*

woke up late today.
went library around 12pm.
and wait for puiyi and we went old town eat lunch, again.
everyday old town kopitiam old town kopitiam,
you not sien one meh.
kill you.

after that went back library and start study.
then more while her mum send me back.
and i online for a while while,
and went to take nap.
cause tired and not really feeling well.

- library. (:

around 8 something,
woke up and online for a while,
sister's boy came and tough me accounts.
OMG its killing me.
what is this and what is that?
im so hungry.

around 2 hour plus,
its 12 something midnight,
teaching end.
and i start to cook maggie for mua DINNER.
what the?
my dinner is around 2am.
cause i still phone a while with friend to ask about tomorrow stuff.

oh ya and i wanna say thanks here.
to all the friends that always ask me sleep early and drink more water.
i mean,
i always ya ya ya but i didnt really do so.
just now phone with a friend,
he sounds so...
gek sum,
or maybe he tired?
i dont know but..
just let me know that,
OMG i didnt know that there's people care me a lot,
bottom from their heart.

OMG i am so touched and thank you so much.
thanks joseph, shazaii, yishin, tong.
and there is many more i know.
thank you so much.

- by kellye tan

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Today *\\22.10.2009//*

went library today.
with seksyen 4 people.
puiwah, sookqin, yinghong, joseph, kokonn, leong, karhoe, aisha, jasmine.

do maths there but all also dont know how to do.
ask ONE question from leong,
after that not dare ask niao.
he very serious, kinda scare him.
then karhoe sit opposite me,
so i ask him lur,
near near.

around 2 something,
went eat chicken rice rice.

after that some of them leave,
and left me, jasmine and aisha.
we walk back library and i sit for around 2 minutes then my mum reached.
and then straight went puiyi's house for tuition.

but we went for yam cha with teacher first,
after that only we tuition.

tuition end,
sister pick me and we went to eat ban mee for our dinner.
and then only we go home.

- tihau, leong.

- karhoe, joseph.

- karhoe.

- tihau.

* photos above provided from pui wah, photos taken on 20.10.2009**

- sookqin.

- yinghong.

- kellyetan! (: doesnt look like me ler..~ xD

actually i wanna ask puiwah,
what phone is she using huh?
why so clear and the size very small only.
i can upload very fast!

- by kellye tan

▪ random post.

hey people!

im currently at puiyi's house.
waiting for tuition.
i am freaaaaking bored bored bored nehs.

dont know what to post lur.
but feel like wanna blog blog.
but i am very bored nehs.

when i see your smile,
tears run down my face.

- by kellye tan

▪ random post.

its 9.27am now and actually i should be at library on 9.30am,
my brother that mr. TAN duck duck is still sleeping like pig pig.
and maybe dream about meow meow or wou wou also?

so what i want to do now?
feel sleepy,
can i go back to the bed?
mr. TAN duck duck dont wanna wake up.

wait i go and wake him up, again!
will post again.

- by kellye tan

▪ random post.

tomorrow not going to school again,
and friday too!
so consider i didnt go to school for a week!

tomorrow will go library with mua friends again.

take care.

- by kellye tan

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

▪ random flash back ;)

Random flash back in mua mind.
back to 2005, satu gemilang.

i miss you semua orang orang.
and of course i love you semua orang orang too!
keep me in your mind,
cause you are always in my mind.
Dont vomit when you see the pictures.
i mean dont vomit of seeing me.
i am fat and ugly!

- sha and kell. the Dabez, forever. (:

- kellye and leepeng, loves. (:

- kell and jianan. loves. (:

- sookqin and kell. (:

- kokjun and kell. (:

- nicholas and kell. (:

- ziyang and kell. (:

- kell, yinghong, genny and khai shin. (: loves.

- in the jail of gemilang. LOL!

- cakes from them. (:

- playing while partying? LOL.

- kokjun and nicholas.

- chunkang and joshua.

- joshua gay with alexander.

- and kheng join for the gay gay thingy. LOL.

- this is karhoe.

- and this is alexander. xD

- by kellye tan