Wednesday, March 30, 2011

| 30032011 | * Premiere Screening HOP by Nuffnang!

won a pair of tickets from Nuffnang with the movie HOP. premiere screening in the curve. dated puiyi.
leave from house at around 3.30pm, and we went there walk walk. had my very first time Friday's as our lunch aka dinner. expensive like hack but its my first time, fine lahh D; hahah.

after that, still walk around. bought a new Mascara from Sasa which cost RM69. the promoter help me make up with 2 different mascara and i actually planned to buy the another 1. but this seems better. Dramatic Long. ;D

after that, went cinema and saw Baboon and Munkey the both henry! they introduce some friends to me. but still im shy. heheh D;

HOP, the movie is nice! basically is talk about a rabbit 2 families - the easter bunny and Fred. The easter bunny's father is a person who send out the candies and give kids happiness during easter. Easter bunny is a drum lover which can play drum very well and although he thinks that producing candies are awesome but he's not interested with it. He ran away from the bunny world to the human world. Coincidently, an accident met Fred.

Easter Bunny - E.B and Fred live together but E.B gave Fred a lot of trouble and he wanted to chase him away with all the way he can. E.B wanted to join a talent contest and need help by Fred and promised will leave him away after this.

Finally they teamed out and work for it together. The chicks attack E.B's father and wanted to be the boss of easter candy. E.B and Fred helped out together to save E.B's father. Fred developed a curious and a hardly explained ambition and to become easter bunny himself.


| ZE R4ND0M | * Updates.

11032011 | Friday * MV Shooting

class as usual and waited the course mates for almost an hour in concourse for going out to do MV shooting. headed shah alam home deco to shoot for our MV. rainy day, we leave at around 4 something. and bonnie drive damn fast! O.O!

12032011 | Saturday * Gardens

went Gardens with the secondary friends at Sunway Pyramid. wao damn expensive. O.O i will prefer to go full house. because full house's food is nicer. heheh D;
after that, went kaijin's house study and do assignments. until at night, we went murni to had our dinner, zhengyi and his girlfee join us as well. strawberry, her name. i introduce myself with mango. LOL! heh. late at night, we left home. thanks kaijin for the ride! :)

14032011 | Monday * Pizza Hut

nothing much to blog about today. just because of shock that i will suggest my friend to eat fast food - pizza hut! x) surprise! i dont know why, just their leaflets seducing me. heh ;D and long time never eat with the IT guys together, and today finally! :)

ohya, and i overnight at chian's house today because of the instructional video shooting. never know my mum allow me do that. :D thankiew mami! teehee ;D and yeah im tired. LOL.
feel so touched today because of my mum calling me ask me not to kena rain because of the Japan nuclear radiative thingy. so sweet :)

18032011 | Friday * Instructional Video done!

finally, instructional video done and passed it up. woohoo! but the next there are still alot of assignment and projects coming and i cant breathe. LOL. but yeah still im happy at least 1 are down. :)

21032011 | Monday * 100 Yen?

a hello kitty passport cover for mua sis. wanted buy 1 Lilo for myself but i was still wondering. besides that, i ate 2 set of snow ice today! what happened to me. HAHA. im hot yah? x)

23032011 | Wednesday * I drove Vios!

class as usual. class end, went movie with the crazy people - puiyi and kaijin. had lunch at Fong Lye restaurant. and we also went kong woh tong and drink our lovely bitter tea, damn yummy. x)

at night, went to huilin's house. rest a while. then went sunway giza finally. and guess what? i drive huilin's Vios! woots, damn nice. she's not same with my mum's because her's is shorter. she's just went down from the car and buy bread, her driver seat is so seducing me and i climb to front. until she wanna come into car, i ask her go behind. HAHAHA.

even reverse parking, she asked me come down and she park, i dont let. i said i want. HAHA, how daring lahhh me D; but really damn zhun. kinda regret to reject my dad's offer last time. samo told him i want Viva. WTH. luckily i got Myvi. HAHA. x)

had steamboat as our dinner and the steamboat damn nice! Im in love with it. woohoo! x)

25032011 | Friday * Hello Popo :)

class as usual. went sunway pyramid with the craziness kaijin, puiyi and huilin again. had lunch at sushi zanmai, fuiyo! the price, *leng* dou. LOL. selepas itu, walk walk and bought milkie milkie and went grandmother's house. puiyi go with me, i jealous my popo talk to puiyi more than me. AHAHAHA. x) and the milkie not mine, its my popo's one. x)

for around an hour, then we left lur x)

26032011 | Saturday * Cycling!

woke up darn early and get prepared. lek came and pick me up and we went to shah alam, ze bukit cahaya aka taman pertanian to cycle, with the mass comm girls and IT guys. x) although very tiring but its so so fun! im so enjoying it. next 2 weeks will be swimming tho. yeeeeeha! x)

its LM gathering today and not manage to go because puiyi not feeling well. T.T so after exercising, we went to klang eat DuaBui MeeHoon Kueh. after that then thanks to lek to send me home again. x)

27032011 | Sunday * Genting Highland.

i am suppose not to follow my sister and her friends to Genting Highland but end up i still allowed to go. heheh ;D went there blow blow wind mah D;

had starbucks for the very first station. after that went to da gei with mua sis, spent RM300 to win a big rabbit doll which is 4000 points. WTH. and ivan is so lucky. jackpot and something. awwhh im so kinda no luck x(

after that, go eat eat and walk walk. after that around 5 something, sent them home and we went home too. i know its kinda like wasting of time, but im boring that's why. x)

29032011 | Tuesday * Sakae Sushi

class as usual. bought the sakae sushi voucher thingy few days ago. no chance to eat that because its only held in some specific outlet.
class end and chian have to wait for her boyfee. so she decided to wait in my car and she wanted to sit driver seat. HAHA.

very random, we planned to go subang parade to had sakae sushi. she drove me, heheh because i dont know the way to subang parade. heheh D;
had lunch there, until around 4pm, only we back to college. she left and i drove home. :)