Wednesday, March 9, 2011

| 09032011 | * Movie with The Coursemates! :]

class as usual. went college at around 930am, do assignment at study room. class starts at 12pm to 2pm. then sit chian's car to sunway pyramid, together with yilin and some of mua coursemates, ofcourse lecturer as well.

watching The King's Speech and we are required to write a movie review as the backup assignment. LOL.

once reached, met up mua bro to had lunch with him and he lend chian his camera for the shooting. guess what, our assignments are all shooting shooting, photo photo and something, its so damn lots stuff to do :'( watch The King's Speech. the movie is kinda interesting and i kinda like their storyline. but too bad, there is no subtitle, i hardly understand what are they talking about and somemore their slang make me damn-ly hard understand =S

after movie, find puiyi and had ramen with them together. then more while, yilin left and followed by chian.

8pm, sit schumann's car, went and pick up zhihong and met up kaijin and we went kota damansara had dinner at little yumyum.

after dinner, went kaijin's house and play In Between which is a card game, i keep losing :'(

around 11am, schumann drop us at the place where i parked my car for the whole day. LOL. then sent puiyi home and around 12am, im home finally and i am effing tiring :)

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