Wednesday, March 30, 2011

| 30032011 | * Premiere Screening HOP by Nuffnang!

won a pair of tickets from Nuffnang with the movie HOP. premiere screening in the curve. dated puiyi.
leave from house at around 3.30pm, and we went there walk walk. had my very first time Friday's as our lunch aka dinner. expensive like hack but its my first time, fine lahh D; hahah.

after that, still walk around. bought a new Mascara from Sasa which cost RM69. the promoter help me make up with 2 different mascara and i actually planned to buy the another 1. but this seems better. Dramatic Long. ;D

after that, went cinema and saw Baboon and Munkey the both henry! they introduce some friends to me. but still im shy. heheh D;

HOP, the movie is nice! basically is talk about a rabbit 2 families - the easter bunny and Fred. The easter bunny's father is a person who send out the candies and give kids happiness during easter. Easter bunny is a drum lover which can play drum very well and although he thinks that producing candies are awesome but he's not interested with it. He ran away from the bunny world to the human world. Coincidently, an accident met Fred.

Easter Bunny - E.B and Fred live together but E.B gave Fred a lot of trouble and he wanted to chase him away with all the way he can. E.B wanted to join a talent contest and need help by Fred and promised will leave him away after this.

Finally they teamed out and work for it together. The chicks attack E.B's father and wanted to be the boss of easter candy. E.B and Fred helped out together to save E.B's father. Fred developed a curious and a hardly explained ambition and to become easter bunny himself.


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