Saturday, April 2, 2011

| 02042011 | * Green Box!

went with sister, ivan and alvis. perhaps this is the last outing this time he came back, need wait till next time he come back. owh the HE - Alvis :)

what can we do in green box? sing k lur. sing sing and eat eat. im hungry and keep on eating. HAHA because was having flu, so my sound cant sing, song can sing but i just dislike the sound. so i prefer not to sing. :(

so i keep on eating, snacks or whatever. LOL! after singing, photo session! took more more photos this time. because alvis wanna go back Japan niao. T.T

after that, sent ivan and alvis home. feel kinda miss alvis after he went home because dont know when can meet again. T.T although i dont really talk to him and not really know him well, but still friends mahh. D;

then then, we went home. and im so effing tired but kinda no mood. chat with friends until 4am only i go to bed. :'(


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