Wednesday, April 6, 2011

| 06042011 | * Stress!

Hiii (:

It's me again eheheh ;D

guess what? tomorrow will be a very busy and stressful day D;
i've 2 test and a campaign and needed to be at the booth.
but now i know nothing for my test, HOORAY!
seriously i dont know what to study for ze test. ishh!
seriously im kinda hopeless view yeah? D;

ahhh i had stay back and study but still i cant.
i i i i i i just cant concentrate study because i dont know what to study!
there's notes, but its like i learn nothing for the whole semester you know D;
except tv production. BM, journalism and public relations is like..
so nothing; so empty in my mind.
its like, what's that about? -.-
but owh please, i dont wanna retake journalism anymore.
even resit i also dont want to. i dont want to face all the leads, beats or something anymore.
i feel so annoy, its so so annoy me ;(

ahh having campaign in college samo.
in front of the lift 3-5pm, speak well campaign.
feel free to drop by okieeee thankyouuu (:

needda dress formal, feel so uhm but i like, look so smart for me (:
and needda wear heels. uhmm.
friday have to pass up movie review and i touch nothing samo.
if i can choose, i will just give up.
i wont want all these things to help me gain marks,
i'll shorten my own life just because of gaining all these stewpid marks.

why is this semester so damn alot of projects and assignment?
normally only 1 project and 1 assignment.
especially ze journalism, WTH 2 projects 2 assignments,
movie review samo and homework samo.
do already didnt collect samo. my files pecah probably also because of all your work.
asked us do and not collecting back! WTH.

seriously im kinda angry of this semester. it's like everything, how you do also it wont finish.
shorten my life just because of all these you know D;

HAIHH, actually kinda hyper mood but post har post har now become angry dee D;

btw i stop here okayeee ♥♥♥♥


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Henry Tan said...

welcome back! =D good luck and all the best in your test! =D