Monday, April 11, 2011

| R4ND0M | * Heartfeelings.

I'm unhappy, down and angry currently.
Please do forgive me if i get angry of anyone of you.

My phone is keep on ringing and ringing,
my mother twice in a minute, my sister in the next minute, my friend in next after this minute.
I feel so annoying, so so annoying.
And from the phone calls, i heard the background is so noisy and crowded.

Not like me,
staying at home alone, lonely for whole day long.

Sister went Seremban with her boyfee overnight for 2 days,
brother went out with friends,
father and mother went out dinner party and redbox with friends.
Me? (:

Thanks God for letting me being so lonely today.
I feel so enjoy, i can feel the loneliness.
Seriously thanks for all.

Friends deciding a thing.
After everything settled and decided,
change this and that.
The plan keep on changing and makes me feel like dont wanna care anymore.
I feel like wanna quiet, in peaceful.
Setting offline, listening to music, and blog.

As i said,
blog is my every best friend.
Because my blog is the one who can really share what i feel,
my blog understand me.
It allows me to type anything i want,
be my best ever listener.

I miss you, do you know that?
Everytime when i take action is because I cant take it anymore.
I want to tell and i want to take action, to express.
You know how suffer i carry this burden?
Why do you choose to escape? And not to give me a stable answer?
Hanging me half way, going to die but giving me breathe sometimes.

What do you want from me?
I really feel tired, you know?
How only you can understand?
Im a girl you know? Why am i always acting like a male?
Its like i am the gentlemen and you are the ladies who always escape, and im waiting and waiting.
Seriously, i feel suffer, i feel empty.
And i also seriously feel like im a shit and a fool,
i feel like giving up.
You puas?


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