Saturday, April 30, 2011

| 30042011 | * Cheers!!

cheers! x)

staying at home study for finals. quite happy with my own attitude today. i opened a table in the living room and on my laptop there, all my notes were on the table. at first i thought i will be distracted, i thought i will stop study and switch on the tv but no, im very concentrate studying for few hours :)


around 7pm, im hungry and cook a cup of maggie porridge. then watch tv finally. HAHA and rest? :) waiting for mua sixta until 1130pm, we went to IOI Boulavard, the Munich Gastro Bierhaus, we planned to drink beer but im hungry, so we ordered mushroom soup and also pork knuckle :)

the very first time i had Hoegaarden, yumyum. soo nice! but yeah its kinda expensive, we ordered one pint and enjoy it. darn full. around 1am, we left and went home :)

Hey there! Yes YOU! i miss you so much :)


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Isaac Tan said...

Kellye! Jia you study! and did you have the whole 1 pint yourself? Lol!