Sunday, May 1, 2011

| 01052011 | * Happy Labour Day.

uhmm... according to the calender, its Labour Day today! *HOORAY!!* every employee should be very happy today yah? can rest at home, sleep on your lovely bed until the sun balik kampung also no problem xD

but for me, im currently a student which is very hardworking. HAHAHA, i studied at home. but in ze morning, mua sixta woke me up and we went sunway pyramid. why we went there? i dont wanna tell you. =p i will let you know soon x)

after that, we came home. study study until around 5pm. went to shower and make up, spent alot of time to draw my eye liner. i think im old so i cant see my eye properly and my hand keep on shaking, i cant hold well and so i keep draw wrongly. LOL. yeah it takes me alots of time .___.

mua sixta went out with mua baba and mama and they came home late, dated ivan and alvin 7pm have to meet there but we 7pm only leave home. LOL. because its raining, therefore its jamming; hence, we're late reaching, hoorayy. -.-"

around 820pm, we FINALLY reached. had dinner and sing k. didnt really sing because we're so darn tired and my sound still not recovering completely. therefore i didnt really sing alot. ehem. took alots of photo after sing k. outside greenbox, took photos and kinda happy at that moment x)

after that, left and home at around 1130pm; definitely exhaust.


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