Tuesday, May 3, 2011

| 03052011 | * Final Exam.

had our journalism paper today, hopefully i can pass this subject and yeah i think i can :) after our paper, its 7pm and everywhere starts traffic jam. me and chian decides to buy some egg tart at tong kei. then we went to chatime to buy our drinks. and then still, we went to asia cafe to had some snacks.

other than that, we still planned about the next outing on Monday and was imagine having great foods with friends around. but guess what? we're still having exam tomorrow! HAHAHA, and PR samo .___. we didnt pay attention in class at all, and we didnt do any notes, and we didnt study at all. YES we are the best.

around 9pm if im not mistaken? we both left and went home. we both planned to study a little bit at home, she did study a bit. but me........ im so sleepy and nothing can store in my brain anymore, HAHA. so i decide to sleep and tomorrow go college early morning and study :)



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