Thursday, May 5, 2011

| 05052011 | * Bakuteh!

Hello :)

i am a lazy girl today. uhhmm... not lazy at all lahh ;p i did clean up my car today, a little bit things only. but why is my car still so pack yah? ;( i dont understand, ishh. and i did some studies today, a bit. HAHAH! because its really so damn alot to read and im kinda lazy already hohoho ;p

in ze afternoon, got chian's status comment asking me to accompanied her for dinner so i said YES ;D and so sudden, ellane asked to join together as well ;) at last what happened? *JENG JENG* ellane, sheng, fei and me went klang find her! HAHAH. we went to qi xiang had bakuteh together. WALAO i so damn long didnt go there already, the feeling got a little bit strange. HAHA.

still, enjoyed the foods. after that went chian's house wait her lock her house and everything. then went to fei's house. also so damn long didnt see yaw and hong. ;) besides, finally saw ellane's poodle puppy, Mr. Scooby ;) so cute! x)

this is scooby ;)

half way chatting at fei's house, had kind serious headache that is kinda suffer. make me kinda quiet? HAHA i dont really talk, dont know you guys realize? ;p around 11pm, back to my house and rest for a while on the sofa. still, having headache. helped my mum to type her stuffs and still, headache. WTH.

watched running man for one episode, and then comes to my blog. now, imma gonna go for my bed. get some rest yah? good nights all! loves.



Isaac Tan said...

Om nom nom nom, love klang BahKutTeh too :)

margaret said...

hi there! ( :