Monday, May 23, 2011

| 23052011 | * Enrollment.

Hanorr (:

start class today lur. enroll at around 12pm. its kinda fast this time, even payment and other stuffs :D wooyeah, we are all in ze same class and im not feeling lonely anymore (: 

enrolled, chat with mami a while, feel so nice and happy :p more while then, mami left and we had Jojo as lunch with chian, yilin and huibin. 145pm, back to college and go for our very first class. subject that we take is only Research paper, so its considered as kinda free class? cause we're having project this semester mahhh .__. actually its more busy than the others i guess =x

4pm, class end and went home sleep. all of us so damn tired cause cannot sleep well, gonna adjust back our time :p chian drove me home today and took nap at my house. 730pm, woke up and get ready. went lek's house and meet KS then sit his car to bandar puteri steamboat. not bad? kinda enjoy and fun :p

following by wing's cafe, yamchaaaa .__. share Hoegaarden with KS but i cant finish because seriously freaking full .__. 1am plus, home! (:

this, is my timetable. please kind to be jealous. :p :p


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