Friday, May 6, 2011

| 06052011 | * Chicken Maggie?

Hi :)

once i opened my eye, its 330pm. i slept for so ling time. LOL. at that moment, my mind only pop out 1 thing which is, today i woke up at 330pm, how about monday im having exam on 8am? WTH. my time was up side down weihh. cannot lahh like that ;(

hunt for food but there is nothing at home. not even a chicken flavour maggie! left tomyam, just woke up better not to eat something spicy, same to you guys readers. its not good for health, if possible, dont eat maggie or other instant foods which is not healthy for the first meal as well :)

but i got no choice, so i have to. so what else i eat? i cooked instant soup which i dont feel wanna drink that. but i got no choice. ishh. after that, watch tv for kinda few hours. watch those old hongkong drama which i believe many people watched before - 家好月圆

around 6pm, decided to study. set up the table and laptop. but once i sitting down, i started online with all the social networks and also go for youtube. WTH. what time i started my studies? around 7pm. and im not study, im just finding all the chapters out only. in conclusion, i did nothing . LOL.

9pm, went office pick up mua sixta and went tesco be aunty again. buy vegetables and other food. guess what? all the CHICKEN instant noodles no more! what happened to chicken? ;( phews, what i can buy is korean noodles and some other flavour. awhh i want chicken maggie ;( OHYA, besides, we also had our lovely dinner at sushi king :)

1130pm, went home. being a aunty is really kinda difficult stuffs. have to know how to choose a nice and sweet watermelon, but i can be very proud and tell you, i choose watermelon is always so sweet. HAHA seriously my dad said that, so if anyone wanna buy watermelon please let me know. HAHAHAHA =p

- random capture saw this cute carrot stuffs xD



Isaac Tan said...

:) Maggie itself not healthy, go outside get some food ma :)

Mr Lonely said...

lol.. haha ~~~