Tuesday, August 30, 2011

| 30082011 | * Levain Day.

according to the message above, someone date me out for breakfast/lunch? yes it is. together with huibin, adele and amelia. btw, thanks adele for the treat, thanks alot!

after that, went Kepong with them. took pictures and chit chat like yamchaaa .__. until around 4pm, went sunway pyramid and meet up with tong. long time didnt see her already. there's some changes, hang fok already :p

around 7pm, we went Delicious. and she left. had our light dinner there. then we left too. :)

- i tell you this mushroom soup is super damn nice!!


- i bought this! YESSSS!


| R4ND0M | * Keep My Blog Alive.

A very quick, random and simple post update here just to not letting my blog look so dead.
But well, i dont know what to blog about. 
Maybe just some feelings? (:

Guess what, these few days i've been watching alot of movies in cinema,
but at the same time, i also stay in home for like few days?
just the night time only i went out. 
So i am consider watched all the new movies in ze cinema.

Yesterday, i watched Summer Love Love in One Utama with friends.
and i realize something.
i realize that movie is very funny and i keep laughing (:
then what pop out in my mind is,
is the movie funny? or the right person who watching with me?
because normally i not easily laugh by watching those movie who friends told me that it's freaking funny.
i am wondering about this.
But on the other hand,
there are some actions make me feel so damn negative and kinda sad at that moment.
i feel like i got the message, and its a negative message.
WTH? but im enjoy watching with him.

it's August 30 yesterday, and its one year. 
One year anniversary? 
YES, anniversary of being fool to waiting someone to come with me, walk into my life.
Is that right huh? 
One year, is it worth or not worth? 
i really have no idea.

But anyway,
i am so damn effing confirm that i love you. (:
muacks, take care readers x)


Friday, August 26, 2011

| 26082011 | * Happy Birthday Darling! ♥

Happy Birthday To Youuuu!  ♥ ♥ 

first of all, Happy Birthday to my beloved darling Pui Yi ♥ ! i believe you guys saw alot of photo and blog post which is about her right? ofcoz nahh. our friendship from high school grow until college. how about in the future? maybe im in England and you're in Malaysia? i must be missing you alot :'( my only human GPS is not with me.. how can i live without you? i must be lost! and no one can always watch movie with me.. like you, one day can watch 2 to 3 movies with me. where to find this kind of friend? ♥  tell me what to do if im not in here and fly to other country? how about you fly together with me? hehehe. type till here, i also wanna cry liauuu ;'( how about youuuu? i believe you must be missing me right now ♥ . anyways, Happy Birthday and all the best to youuu! dont be so prawn if im not with you okayss? love youuu! muacks! ♥ ♥ 

after class, went home had a short nap because i know tonight must be a tiring day! around 4pm, woke up shower and get ready. went to sunway pyramid to collect cake. then drove to ss15 san francisco and im alone waiting inside the restaurant. kinda scary but i did it. hohohoho. 

wait for like 15 minutes, they finally reach. they are puiyi, teckseang, wenhui and amanda. im damn hungry. therefore i eat quite fast. teehee. ordered lemongrass chicken with soup of the day. after we finish our dinner. *zhangzhang* cake come out already norrr. this is what a usual birthday people can imagine right? LOL. 

after cake, bills. then went ss15 Little Bali to yamcha? as in beer. happy night wud righttt. although im driving =x ordered 3 bucket free 1 bucket totally 4 buckets of Heineken. well, puiyi kinda mabuk .__. as everyone can see that. LOL. around 1230am, some of them left. left me, puiyi and teckseang.

then went to my house watch movie and continue drink .__. we are crazy i know. LOL. around 3 something, they left. and i also mabuk mabuk sleep on sofa until the next day morning x)

- Lemograss Chicken.

- menu book and the real one ;)


Monday, August 22, 2011

| R4ND0M | * My Apology.

i know i know!
i can hear your complains! ;(
my bad, my fault, i apology that im running out of time to update my blog again okayyy?
this is not what i want please give me some time ;(

love ya'll!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

| 21082011 | * Half Day Outing?

its a boring Sunday. me and puiyi spent half day hanging outside watch movie x) and guess what, puiyi is my driver today! wheeee i dont need to driveeee! wooyeah!

okayysss back to the topic. first, we went IOI mall. buy movie ticket and watch movieeeee - Horrible Bosses. well actually i think it's a nice movie but damn it cut alot, make the storyline so sux. .__. but anyway, i enjoyed. LOL.

after movie, had our so called ''dinner'' in Little Taiwan. we ordered alot because we are so damn hungry .__. after that, puiyi sent me home! that's all for our half day outing LOL! x)


Friday, August 19, 2011

| 19082011 | * Movieeee!

today, morning class as usual. class end, went one utama together with puiyi and teckseang. ofcourse, jasongoh and westlee were there as well. the purpose we went there is to watch movie! owyeah! movie we watch - zookeeper. before that, we were rushing eating in food republic.

after movie, i had baskin robbins as well because i seriously feel like eating ice cream .__. we cant go home because we wanted to avoid traffic jam. LOL. besides, we also bought few shirts from brands outlet because it is cheaaaaap! (:

night time, had dinner at hahaxiu panmee together. and met up lek and hong as well. second round after panmee, we went chatime yamchaaa.

late night, sent puiyi home and im home toooo! ;)

- guess what? these are all real food as they packing as sample. and what? only for 2 days! means after 2 days, they threw it all and make a new one for packing samples again! OMG THIS IS SO DAMN WASTE! :(


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

| R4ND0M | * Never Regret.

I know it's isn't easy,
but at least, i tried.
Work for it, to challenge our life of what we wants.

From a friend of mine, i learnt a quote;




Never regret of doing a thing, but regret of not doing it,
because seriously, you wont know what happen next.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

| R4ND0M | * Tomorrow class! ;)

Wow, so fast.. tomorrow is the day we have to go college and following we will busy like hell and rushing assignments and stuffs. That's fast right? :)

Well, i have to face many things again. Assignments, exams, tests, and most important, find parking! :( tomorrow is the first class and its 8am :S means i have to wake like 6am. WTH ;(

good night peeps; muacks  

| 14082011 | * Gym Day 6.

today consider as the last day of trial gym in sunway pyramid? kinda mm seh dak :( i dont feel like leaving, unless i join the gym and pay for it. and puiyi dont wanna join. so its like, our sunway pyramid gym memories stops here :( so today whole day im staying inside there. 

2pm we reached there and start run run run and other exercises. until around 4pm, im hungry and out of stamina. so decided to get out of there and find foods. end up we had our brunch in Shilin. after that, we back into gym again :)

met up huibin and yilin for a while. i continue use the running machine. but im only walk and not run because i just finish my food :) for around 45 minutes? then i found puiyi sitting at the chair there the lazy bumb. then we went into steam for 10 to 15 minutes. after that we went shower.

wait for teckseang and we had our dinner at Zhia's Kitchen Restaurant. i cant finish my food. i feel sleepy and no appetite :( then, puiyi sent me home :)

- my dinner that i cant finish :(

gotta rest well today.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

| 13082011 | * Gym Day 5.

woke up at 1pm and out at around 2pm, cause i very mo .__. pick up puiyi and went gym with her. run run run and some other type of exercises. until around 330pm, we steam and take bath.

5pm, due to the whether, its raining. therefore my friends were all late. so me, puiyi and teckseang had our dinner at I Love Yoo! around 530pm, met up Bai Shun and his girlfee in starbucks.

8pm, accompanied huibin and puiyi to the gardens and had their dinner. and after that went Jusco to buy some stuffs. then sent puiyi home and im home too :)

- my 

- calories burnt. 

- dinner.


| R4ND0M | * 100 Things That You Might Not Know About Me.

Well, here's a random post to see how much you understand me. If you're not knowing me well, here's 100 things that you might not know about me. Figure it out! :)

1. I dont like people blend carrot because i can feel the pain.
2. I love carrot but doesnt mean i like to eat.
3. I dont touch my bed unless i already take bath.
4. I dont allow people touch or sitting my bed unless they took their bath.
5. Do not put something; as in anything on my bed. I want it to be perfectly clean.
6. I have to wash my hand every 2 hours. You will see me start rubbing my hand, that's the time i need to wash my hand.
7. I would love to be busy compared to do nothing.
8. I dislike holiday unless i've stress out.
9. I love high heels. The moment i entering those shop where selling shoes, first thing i will look at the heels.
10. I love to drink minute maid orange juice during movie in the cinema.

11. I dislike blue color.
12. I like to wear shorts and sleeveless.
13. I am a person who dont really drink water; 500ml i spend 2 days to finish it.
14. I hate friendship's war.
15. I feel uncomfortable and not focus in everything if having war or heart feelings with friends.
16. Im a person who used to be punctual.
17. I dont owe people money for more than 3 weeks.
18. Music is my life.
19. I like spicy food.
20. I like to hang out with a big group of friends.

21. I dislike chocolates. But i eat chocolates in certain mood.
22. I dislike cheese. But same thing, i eat cheese in certain mood.
23. I love kimchi.
24. Sometimes im noisy but sometimes im quiet like shit.
25. I dont listen to ghost stories and i dont watch scary movie.
26. I dont really watch fiction movies such as Narnia, Harry Porter etc.
27. I dont like fast food.
28. I dont like soda and soft drinks.
29. I dont really eat pop corn in cinema.
30. I dislike people spell or write wrong my name because i think my name is awesome and it represent my own style of personalities.

31. England is my dream place since i was 15.
32. I like red color.
33. I like stitch although it is blue color.
34. My nickname is lobak tomato but i like lobak more.
35. I like to sing k alone; i know its weird.
36. I like formal wear.
37. I like guys wearing formal too because it looks smart.
38. Before i start blogging in 4 years ago, i write diaries and i still keep it until today.
39. I dont start my car engine immediately when i enter my car.
40. I dont like people open my car door ownselves unless i open the lock or it auto open the lock.

41. I will straight away off my handphones if it rings all the time.
42. I dont like last minute.
43. Im a person who like to get attention.
44. I like to wear boots; but currently i dont have any. FYI, in the past, i wore it everytime i hang out.
45. I dont like gardening.
46. Im afraid of everything that will move such as cats and dogs but doesnt mean i dont like them. They are cute but im just afraid of them.
47. Things that i most afraid are insects.
48. I always have my dinner alone; so please ask me for dinner often.
49. I like to use blue pen compared to black pen.
50. I spend most of the time with internet everyday.

51. I like red wine.
52. I dislike people smoke especially in front of me.
53. Usually i choose inside area but not outside just to avoid people smoking and i extremely hate the smell.
54. Im a person who easily self abased or you can say low self esteem.
55. I can use 5 to 10 minutes to ready and go out even though i just woke up; but normally i will wake 1 hour before.
56. I love to write. So if the whole period of class without writing, i will also ready paper and pen on table for me simply draw and write.
57. Im very curious something about aliens and UFO, the moon, the sky etc.
58. I wont feel awkward and i can be friends with my ex which some of the people cant do it.
59. I like those phone which can feel the keyboard and type it with sounds.
60. I dont like people saying that im rich because im not; even though if you think i am, i dont like to be categorized.

61. I love jackets or can called it as sweaters.
62. I dont like to go mamak because i always dont know what to eat except maggie.
63. I dont like games.
64. I use 2 shampoo to wash my hair; different type of shampoo.
65. I take more than 10 minutes to shower.
66. I barely need soup if i eat rice.
67. I dont eat ikan bilis, chili padi and ginger.
68. I must need tissue whenever i enter toilet.
69. Usually i finish my food, lastly only i drink my drinks.
70. I extremely scare lightning and thunder; i cant and hardly drive.

71. I dislike rain if im not at home.
72. I dislike to see people's hair covering their face, same to me.
73. I dont know to tie shoelace.
74.I need soup when i wash my hand, its better.
75. I dont like to be control and order.
76. I wants everything to be planned and scheduled.
77. I need at least one packet of tissue in my bag.
78. I will check the balance of my smart tag before i enter the smart tag lane.
79. I hate people dont reply my message and pick up calls.
80. I have to wear watch everytime i out.

81. I dont really buy branded things.
82. I like to go pasar malam and crave for foods.
83. Im a person who easily get cold.
84. I dont really use lip stick but i use lip gloss.
85. I dont apply concealer on my eye even though i apply eye make up.
86. There is only one friend i can talk to her with rojak language; sometimes chinese, english and cantonese.
87. I never eat lok lok before; those lorry and with sticks standing there eating.
88. I keep movie ticket for every movie i watch and i write it behind who i watch with.
89. I list down every money i spend on.
90. Usually i take picture from high angle.

91. I will choose the place in the middle's side in the cinema because some of my friends always late to enter cinema.
92. I dont really like to wear covered shoes.
93. I dont like cars that modified and with noisy pipe sound; its annoying.
94. I like fried egg and distilled water egg.
95. I dont like egg yolk.
96. I dont like people waiting for me and i dont like to wait people; i expect people waiting for me if im the driver.
97. I put ringing keychain on my key.
98. I open window when i enter a car that just started the engine.
99. I takes long time to finish my drinks if the drinks is cold and with ice.
100. I like to go supermarket; i feel happy to see all the snacks and vegetables, meats etc.

So, how much you know about me? :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

| 12082011 | * Gym Day 4.

Hi, greet you with my warm smile :)

went college at around 10am and met yilin. then waiting for huibin and chian. 11am, went to enroll. we done our enrollment like around 12pm. then headed to Face to Face to had our lunch, with chian and yilin. after that we waiting for puiyi and teckseang because they still haven done yet. and they no car to sunway pyramid :(

so we went to banks, here and there. yilin suddenly left and we suddenly dont feel like going gym. around 2pm, they finally done and we headed to sunway pyramid. we entered the celebrity but we didnt do any gym, only went for sauna and steam .___.

4pm, we are done. and chian left. then we wait for the guys. 5 something, we left from sunway pyramid to tropicana. puiyi drove my car half way jam because its raining and thunder. i sense that i cant drive so i just let go. hahahaha. thankiew :)

bring teckseang to book the badminton court. then we went to one utama for movie. wow its jam .__. owh yeah that time stop raining already so i drove back .__. we reached one utama around 730pm. quickly buy tickets and met up jasongoh and westlee. then we had our dinner in food court. 15 minutes only .__. because we are in rush!

we watch movie - 福禄寿 The fortune buddies. well some of the part quite zha dou .__. and yeap not bad for me. can watch :D

10pm, movie ends. and we left. dropped teckseang and puiyi. then im home too :)


- while waiting puiyi and teckseang :(

- they are keeping my hair in good condition :D

- my Lilo is cute right? :)

- i love it so much :D