Saturday, August 13, 2011

| 13082011 | * Gym Day 5.

woke up at 1pm and out at around 2pm, cause i very mo .__. pick up puiyi and went gym with her. run run run and some other type of exercises. until around 330pm, we steam and take bath.

5pm, due to the whether, its raining. therefore my friends were all late. so me, puiyi and teckseang had our dinner at I Love Yoo! around 530pm, met up Bai Shun and his girlfee in starbucks.

8pm, accompanied huibin and puiyi to the gardens and had their dinner. and after that went Jusco to buy some stuffs. then sent puiyi home and im home too :)

- my 

- calories burnt. 

- dinner.


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