Friday, August 5, 2011

| 05082011 | * Great Night.

well, WTH am i doing this whole day? play .__. like what the cantonese they said ''heh, go out heh.'' LOL. alright back to the topic :)


woke up at around 130pm. get ready everything and out from house. destination- sunway pyramid, with puiyi, teachseang and marcus. purpose we went there is to talk about some GPS and the ear phone product O.O we talk about that in sushi king. well i have eaten mua lunch :D

met up yannie for a little while. then she left and marcus left too. well, i am ze light bulb of the day. walk walk with them and met amanda and a korean girl as well. she's damn cute. hahaha. after that drove to teckseang's house. then he switch to mua car. and FYI, im not only the light bulb of the day but also driver of the day. D;

drove to Tao japanese buffet. enjoy our dinner there. the price are so so biasalah like RM50 plus you know .__. but their choices are much more different with others. not like all the same, sashimi and this and that but they are more choices. they have menu for you to order what you want :)

- scallop; yumyum 

- abalone slice; yumyum 

- lamb chop


around 8pm, second round in mid valley. planned to watch movie but its all full. only left the very front place. and the 3 of us bought spec. noob spec. hahaha. 

due to the cinema has no nice seat. we change to plan to yamcha, station one, sunway mentari. planned to yamcha at little bali in subang but the parking FULL. so we change the location. 

well, due to teckseang's very selcom chance yamcha with friends, he kept calling his friends come out .__. so there are teckseang, puiyi, jason, west, joey, boonyan and me. some of them i just got to know them today O.O not know lar i mean i know them and they know me but not in real life but in facebook. LOL. all puchong kaki-s. 

the guys drink 2 bucket of beers but me and puiyi shared one bottle. HAHA. because i have to drive okayy. im safety first person. HAHA :p


around 130am, dropped teckseang home and also puiyi. followed by me muaself. sexy night babeh 


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Kian Fai said...

wow Tao and beer at night! Enjoys! What is Saturday night plan? being good girl and sleep at home? hahah happy Weekend! :D