Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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A very quick, random and simple post update here just to not letting my blog look so dead.
But well, i dont know what to blog about. 
Maybe just some feelings? (:

Guess what, these few days i've been watching alot of movies in cinema,
but at the same time, i also stay in home for like few days?
just the night time only i went out. 
So i am consider watched all the new movies in ze cinema.

Yesterday, i watched Summer Love Love in One Utama with friends.
and i realize something.
i realize that movie is very funny and i keep laughing (:
then what pop out in my mind is,
is the movie funny? or the right person who watching with me?
because normally i not easily laugh by watching those movie who friends told me that it's freaking funny.
i am wondering about this.
But on the other hand,
there are some actions make me feel so damn negative and kinda sad at that moment.
i feel like i got the message, and its a negative message.
WTH? but im enjoy watching with him.

it's August 30 yesterday, and its one year. 
One year anniversary? 
YES, anniversary of being fool to waiting someone to come with me, walk into my life.
Is that right huh? 
One year, is it worth or not worth? 
i really have no idea.

But anyway,
i am so damn effing confirm that i love you. (:
muacks, take care readers x)


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