Saturday, August 6, 2011

| 06082011 | * Yannie's Birthday Celebration.

anyonghaseyo :)

today its kinda tiring day. so i rest at home until 630pm. shower and get ready, make up. then out and pick up lek. he always be the driver so i drive bah this time :)

then pick up chian in Subang. then we fly to sunway pyramid cause we're late to yannie's birthday event. the celebration was in the gardens cafe, sunway pyramid. there are chian, ellane, sheng, yaw, lek, wenhao, ks, calvin, william, wilson and some others which i dont know.

ordered a food and share with chian. around 9pm, singing birthday song and take some pictures, ate the cake and we left. parked my car in yaw's house and bump into ks's forte to the second round in Dolphin, cheras.

had my very full and contented dinner finally. i was like hungry for thousand years .__. then, drink some beer as well.

1am, left and there's road blocks. back to yaw's house. after chian left, sent lek home and im home too. well, there's road block again .__. wonderful day.


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