Sunday, August 14, 2011

| 14082011 | * Gym Day 6.

today consider as the last day of trial gym in sunway pyramid? kinda mm seh dak :( i dont feel like leaving, unless i join the gym and pay for it. and puiyi dont wanna join. so its like, our sunway pyramid gym memories stops here :( so today whole day im staying inside there. 

2pm we reached there and start run run run and other exercises. until around 4pm, im hungry and out of stamina. so decided to get out of there and find foods. end up we had our brunch in Shilin. after that, we back into gym again :)

met up huibin and yilin for a while. i continue use the running machine. but im only walk and not run because i just finish my food :) for around 45 minutes? then i found puiyi sitting at the chair there the lazy bumb. then we went into steam for 10 to 15 minutes. after that we went shower.

wait for teckseang and we had our dinner at Zhia's Kitchen Restaurant. i cant finish my food. i feel sleepy and no appetite :( then, puiyi sent me home :)

- my dinner that i cant finish :(

gotta rest well today.


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