Saturday, July 28, 2012

| 28072012 | * Celebrating Gillian's Birthday in Movida.

Hell yeah! Know where I went today? I'm still sick but feeling better after 18 hours of sleep. I think I'm just over tired :( I'm in Movida Scott Garden. Hahaha! Because mua cousin sister celebrating her birthday there and my brother, sister and other cousins were going as well. Of course I'm following them, teehee. Im not always have this kind of chances. So, I thought it was so quiet and drink beer because last time I went were totally different environment with this time I went, this time was totally CLUBBING weih. But I like it tho. Hohoho.

- Make up for that :D

- The cousins and the sisters 

Love, kell.

Friday, July 27, 2012

| 27072012 | * Shopping!

Hot day!

Well, I'm so boring and nobody can go shopping with me. Took my phone and called YiLin, we go gaigai together. Just near, Sunway Pyramid again! Teehee. I am lazy to go far. Just go for a shop and bring some new clothes home. Had my dinner there at Porridge Time.

Hi dress! I'm bringing you home :D

While half way shopping, I'm feeling slightly headache and slowly, my head became much more heavier. I felt unwell and leave home early, but of course I sent her home first. Then, i'm sick and rest at home. Ahhh :(

Love, kell.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

I believe people who have to organize a flash mob has to be creative minded because it have to looks cool and nice, at the same time, it has to grab attention. At first, I dont know what does flash mob means, and I start asking my friends around me. And I got the answer, flash mob means a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and pointless act for a brief time, then disperse. the definition of flash mob is from Google in case I gave the wrong information :P

Well, to organize a flash mob (to step up with Nuffnang)

Venue : KLCC Park (Kuala Lumpur City Centre)

KLCC Park would be the venue choice of mine because twin towel is the main sign representing Kuala Lumpur and it would be a lot of people taking photos everywhere.

Date & Time : Sunday, Night (between 7pm to 9pm)

Sunday would be the choice of mine because Sunday is off day for most of the employees and some of the people known it as Family Day where they spend their time with family like children and parents. So I guess it would be crowd in KLCC Park on Sunday. And I chose to be at night because I guess there's a lot of people taking pictures of twin towels. And, with the lights, the flash mob would be visible and invisible, can be seen and cannot be seen, does it sounds cool? 

Theme : One Malaysia, No Racist

As we know (Malaysian), KLCC is a place that crowded, with different race of people like Malay, Chinese and Indian. And also a lot of foreigners from different countries come over and visit our Malaysia's twin tower. So it would be cool if the flash mob including different race of people or different countries of people, I would be proud as a Malaysian if this happens here, haha.

Dance Strategies : Can Be Gadget Use

In Kuala Lumpur, and generations nowadays, you can even see a 6 years old kid hand holding an I Pad, a 13 years old children who wearing a school uniform holding 2 smart phones and own an I Pad. The technologies has been involved in our daily life nowadays, we need it, because it makes our life perfectly convenient, and we can live like suffer without them. So, the dance strategies can be similar like the video below that shown, but the music will be faster and more excitement, and the speed of move/act will be faster, and it looks cool. Dancers can play the dance together with their gadget, and some of them can dance even on the water around the park.

With all these, I guess the flash mob can be perform well and cool. Most importantly, It will always be remembered in people's mind and never forget.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

| 22072012 | * TAO with Ling.

Today, went to Setia Walk Puchong to eat with sister at 2pm. Besides, also met PuiYi there because we actually planned to go out. We went to Chilla Cup, and we ordered quite a lot of foods. It's a very enjoyable environment there. After that, she go home with us, wait for me to make up because I feel like wanto make myself pretty today, tahahahha!

Then, we went to Happy Garden and bring something for my mum and also visit my grandmother. 730pm, we reach Sunway Giza and walk walk. We also enter Village Grocer, a supermarket. We have a lot of time because we still full, we're eating 830pm session of TAO Japanese Cuisine. Then we enter to the toilet a capture a lot of pictures. We passed by Tong Pak Fu! I wanted to eat like for hundred years ago but I still haven got the chance to eat it! Argh! Too bad we are still full. I wanna eat T-T

Moreover, my sister also join us in TAO, she and her boyfee. After meal, sent PuiYi home and I went back to Happy Garden.

Love, kell.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

| 21072012 | * Desserts!


I'm staying at home to do housework today. Until 7pm, i'm going out with ling ling to Sunway Pyramid! Teehee. I am very hungry and wanted to eat so badly. We went to Dragon-I for dinner. Teehee, my favorite sour and spicy noodles with thick gravy, thick gravy is my all time favorite! :D

Then, we went to Ochado and Moo Cow, to eat all the desserts, but in the end we both full like hell. What's next? Shopping! We went to look look and see see.

11pm, we went home lur. :D

Love, kell.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

| 19072012 | * A Day with ITMC.

1pm, met at Fei's house. Then we had our meal in Mc Donalds SS15 Subang Jaya. Together with YiLin, Yaw, WenHao, Fei, Andrew, YanSong and Lek. 245pm, we sempat to reach Pavilion for movie, we are almost late -.-"

630pm then, we had our dinner in Ichiban Boshi, starving! After dinner, 1015pm, yamcha in WongKok at First Subang. Then, 115am, liquor session in KS's house! Woots! Such a wonderful day, hahaha! WenHao helped me to upgrade my IPhone to IOS 5 because it is a must, or else I will be no Foursquare anymore T-T But he made my contact lost! Sad :'( But still, I am so thanks to his kindness for willing to help me out. Thanks :)

We drink drank drunk and also playing games and truth or dare until 4am, then we went home. Tiring! :D

Love, kell.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

| 15072012 | * Dinner with New Friends.

Today, kena ajak to dinner from SleepGod because he came back from Taiwan. So I'm going with Lek, Andrew, Aisha, Heinze Ng, TzeJiun, her sister and WeiHoong at Royal Palace Korean BBQ in Ampang. Well, it is actually the first time we met, for me and SleepGod. LOL! But okay nahh, to know more friends is actually a good thing. We know each other through Facebook and in between, we have a lot of mutual friends. Hahaha!

1230am, we all yamcha in Old Town Puchong, with ITMC peoples. 2am, we went home :)

Love, kell.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

| 14072012 | * PWTC Work Day III.

Day 3 of working, we woke up at 815am and had our breakfast in Puchong Food Court. It is also the last day of work in PWTC. Besides, our friends also working internship for that event, so we took photos together. They are MayCih, HanEn, WeiWei, Vivian, ShueyLi. We are actually met each other coincidentally.

6pm, we ended our job and Chian's boss treat us for dinner. So I bring them to Kuchai Lama eat Bakuteh because Taiwan people did not try that before. Then, went to nearby Pasar Malam. They bought some satay which they never try before. After that, we sent them back to PWTC because they are living hotel there. Awww, I miss them. They are really so kind. After that, back to home and Chian took her stuffs, then sent her to Sunway. After that I went to Happy Garden. Btw, I got salary on the spot. Thanks to my boss :D

- Breakfast in mamak.

- Us :)

- Salary :D

Be grateful, kell.

Friday, July 13, 2012

| 13072012 | * PWTC Work Day II.

It's day 2 of working. We reach PWTC at 930am, breakfast in Negas Restaurant. Basically it's a mamak stall. Hahaha! Then, we go for work. As usual, we ended our job at 6pm. Then went to Happy Garden again. After that we went home and take a quick shower. HuiBin picked us to Steven's Corner in OUG, together with YiLin to yamcha and eat cheese naan. Hahaha. We are pretty tired and went home at about 11 something. Thanks babe.

Love, kell.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

| 12072012 | * PWTC Work Day I.

Today, Imma work with Chian in PWTC, as a translator. Thanks to her, I've got the job and also the chance to work with the Taiwan people. It is a Malaysia International Food and Beverage Fair 2012. We reach there at 930am. Yet, this fair is not for outsiders, it is only for related business people. And know what? A lot of Korea food there! Woots! We both working for Taiwan food but different company, so we are in different booth but in the same hall.

6pm then, we've finish our work, left there and went to Happy Garden to visit my grandmother for a little while. Then, we went for dinner in Puchong Haha Xiu Pan Mee. Besides, we also met Calvin Loo at there. We went home then, take a shower and Calvin fetch us to Padi House Cafe yamcha with WenHao, Andrew and Nimesh.

- Our tags.

- Mua boyfee.

- His girlfee.

- The couple, HAHAHA!

- The fair.

- My booth.

- My meal.

- Dinner.

- Cake in Padi House Cafe.

Love, kell.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

| 10072012 | * Happy Birthday Aldex!

First of all, happy birthday to Aldex Lim Kok Fei! Stay cute and lovely, you're a very nice friend to me, seriously.

We celebrate at night in Bibiwok Thai Cuisine in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Oww yeah! I dont have to go Subang this time, keke! Was planning to go Subang at first for korean food. Actually we've come out with Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and a lot and a lot! But it's all fail LOL! So this is the confirm one.

So we celebrated Aldex's birthday there, together with Lek, WenHao, Andrew, Calvin and Yumimi. Enjoyed our meal there, then they continue to second round and I leave, back to grandmother's house to on call. Yeah, they said I'm pity, and I felt like disturbing my mood also, but I think.. It's okay, at least I got the chances to come out to have dinner with my awesome friends.

Once again, happy birthday aldex! :D

Love, kell.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

| 07072012 | * New Cosmetic Babies!

Hellow buddies! It's 7th of July, I've got job today and able to work, teehee! And I'm able to make up, wheeee!

Cosmetic I used today:
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
Viewer 270 Mascara Base (From Korea)
Face It Collagen Volume Mascara (From Korea)
Skin Food White Grape BB Cream

Working in IOI Puchong, 4 hours for RM80. Wao, so cool! Well, I'm happy. I'm lucky that the stuff there were all friendly and the pharmacist is Taman Kinrara's Caring Pharmacy's pharmacist as well. I knew her since I was a child and I used to play with her daughter. Feel like I'm so free, keke! Enjoy my job until 4pm then, thanks to PuiYi were there accompany me, teehee. 

Back to home, change clothes, rest for 20 minutes and fly to Sunway Pyramid for shopping! Wooo, I wanna buy a lot of things! The very first time we only used to shop Caring, Watson, Guardian like more than an hour, to compare prices and to try all range of tester products, so so fun! But at the same time, feeling headache because dont know which should I buy, met Yuki in Caring also. So I asked her to recommend me which product is good where I need good feedback from customers. So I bought 2 items in Watson. Besides, walk to Padini and saw a shirt that I liked, so I bought also. Continue shopping and saw bracelet that very nice also, bought it home also. Ohyea, we also manage to take our meal in Full House, I wanted to eat Full House since few days ago, checked. These are the items that I bought:

Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer (Beige) - RM 17.90

ZA Plumper Lip Stick - RM 26.90

Padini Ladies Tank - RM 39.00

ELLUI Bracelet - RM 21.00


come come let's have a group photo :)

Hahahahaha! I'm really happy today!

After shopping, we went to Setia Walk Wong Kok for killing or time because we had movie on 1125pm in IOI Mall, Motorway. vroom vroom 

0115am, we left from IOI. Sent PuiYi home and muaself :D
Gift of the day, free samples from promoter, thankiuuu!

Love, kell.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

| 04072012 | * Thank You.

Hello! Sexy leg greet you, hahaha. I rest like a boss, teehee :D

Well, nothing much to talk about. But imma thanks mua sixta again here, she bought me fooood again! Hahaha. She bought me kimchi and ikan bilis kimchi, and biscuit. Ahh, there's a korea language writing message from her but my aunty throw it when she's cleaning, arghh. It's okay, I roughly tell here okay? Hehehe.

우리여동생 :
Fridge: 김치 샀어요,먹어요 ! Ikan Bilis 도 샀어요,먹어요 !
방 : Kjeldsens Butter Cookies 샀어요,먹어요 !

My dear sister:
Fridge: I've bought kimchi, eat yo! I also bought Ikan Bilis, eat yo!
Room: I've bought Kjeldsens Butter Cookies, eat yo!
From Joyce.

Ahhh, sweeeet! Thankyou my dear