Saturday, July 7, 2012

| 07072012 | * New Cosmetic Babies!

Hellow buddies! It's 7th of July, I've got job today and able to work, teehee! And I'm able to make up, wheeee!

Cosmetic I used today:
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
Viewer 270 Mascara Base (From Korea)
Face It Collagen Volume Mascara (From Korea)
Skin Food White Grape BB Cream

Working in IOI Puchong, 4 hours for RM80. Wao, so cool! Well, I'm happy. I'm lucky that the stuff there were all friendly and the pharmacist is Taman Kinrara's Caring Pharmacy's pharmacist as well. I knew her since I was a child and I used to play with her daughter. Feel like I'm so free, keke! Enjoy my job until 4pm then, thanks to PuiYi were there accompany me, teehee. 

Back to home, change clothes, rest for 20 minutes and fly to Sunway Pyramid for shopping! Wooo, I wanna buy a lot of things! The very first time we only used to shop Caring, Watson, Guardian like more than an hour, to compare prices and to try all range of tester products, so so fun! But at the same time, feeling headache because dont know which should I buy, met Yuki in Caring also. So I asked her to recommend me which product is good where I need good feedback from customers. So I bought 2 items in Watson. Besides, walk to Padini and saw a shirt that I liked, so I bought also. Continue shopping and saw bracelet that very nice also, bought it home also. Ohyea, we also manage to take our meal in Full House, I wanted to eat Full House since few days ago, checked. These are the items that I bought:

Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer (Beige) - RM 17.90

ZA Plumper Lip Stick - RM 26.90

Padini Ladies Tank - RM 39.00

ELLUI Bracelet - RM 21.00


come come let's have a group photo :)

Hahahahaha! I'm really happy today!

After shopping, we went to Setia Walk Wong Kok for killing or time because we had movie on 1125pm in IOI Mall, Motorway. vroom vroom 

0115am, we left from IOI. Sent PuiYi home and muaself :D
Gift of the day, free samples from promoter, thankiuuu!

Love, kell.

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