Sunday, July 1, 2012

| 01072012 | * Welcome July! :)

It's first of July, finally. Time flies, hopefully it's a very very nice month for this and coming months. Let's give July a big and loud applause, welcome. clap clap

I'm waking up at 330pm today, feel so good. I got no food at home, but I saw bread is on ze table, There isn't any jam, so I took kimchi that I bought in fridge and try to eat with bread, feeling weird because dry and wet and with a little taste of spicy but still acceptable for me, so I continue eating that for 3 or 4 pieces of bread. 

630pm, went out with my ling, PuiYi. Picked her up and went to Yuen's Steamboat at Sunway Mentari. Hahaha, yesterday only I'm eating steamboat and today also. I love steamboat! So it's okay for me. Hehehehe. Lined up for almost half an hour, I'm desperate of eating, hahahaha.

About 845pm, finally its our turn. Anyways, we saw people snatching the chicken wings like nobody's business, they're like few years never eat rice like that. The chicken wings came out like not even 15 second, then no more already. Hahahaha. But still, we manage to eat few pieces cause we are the pro! Hahaha nolarr, we're sitting quite near, so when people did not notice the chicken wing is out, we quickly go and get first. Teehee.

About 10pm, we left with satisfaction, filling our stomach with full of tomyum fishballs, meats, meehoon and many more. Good day! :)

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