Wednesday, July 4, 2012

| 04072012 | * Thank You.

Hello! Sexy leg greet you, hahaha. I rest like a boss, teehee :D

Well, nothing much to talk about. But imma thanks mua sixta again here, she bought me fooood again! Hahaha. She bought me kimchi and ikan bilis kimchi, and biscuit. Ahh, there's a korea language writing message from her but my aunty throw it when she's cleaning, arghh. It's okay, I roughly tell here okay? Hehehe.

우리여동생 :
Fridge: 김치 샀어요,먹어요 ! Ikan Bilis 도 샀어요,먹어요 !
방 : Kjeldsens Butter Cookies 샀어요,먹어요 !

My dear sister:
Fridge: I've bought kimchi, eat yo! I also bought Ikan Bilis, eat yo!
Room: I've bought Kjeldsens Butter Cookies, eat yo!
From Joyce.

Ahhh, sweeeet! Thankyou my dear 

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