Sunday, July 22, 2012

| 22072012 | * TAO with Ling.

Today, went to Setia Walk Puchong to eat with sister at 2pm. Besides, also met PuiYi there because we actually planned to go out. We went to Chilla Cup, and we ordered quite a lot of foods. It's a very enjoyable environment there. After that, she go home with us, wait for me to make up because I feel like wanto make myself pretty today, tahahahha!

Then, we went to Happy Garden and bring something for my mum and also visit my grandmother. 730pm, we reach Sunway Giza and walk walk. We also enter Village Grocer, a supermarket. We have a lot of time because we still full, we're eating 830pm session of TAO Japanese Cuisine. Then we enter to the toilet a capture a lot of pictures. We passed by Tong Pak Fu! I wanted to eat like for hundred years ago but I still haven got the chance to eat it! Argh! Too bad we are still full. I wanna eat T-T

Moreover, my sister also join us in TAO, she and her boyfee. After meal, sent PuiYi home and I went back to Happy Garden.

Love, kell.

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