Saturday, July 14, 2012

| 14072012 | * PWTC Work Day III.

Day 3 of working, we woke up at 815am and had our breakfast in Puchong Food Court. It is also the last day of work in PWTC. Besides, our friends also working internship for that event, so we took photos together. They are MayCih, HanEn, WeiWei, Vivian, ShueyLi. We are actually met each other coincidentally.

6pm, we ended our job and Chian's boss treat us for dinner. So I bring them to Kuchai Lama eat Bakuteh because Taiwan people did not try that before. Then, went to nearby Pasar Malam. They bought some satay which they never try before. After that, we sent them back to PWTC because they are living hotel there. Awww, I miss them. They are really so kind. After that, back to home and Chian took her stuffs, then sent her to Sunway. After that I went to Happy Garden. Btw, I got salary on the spot. Thanks to my boss :D

- Breakfast in mamak.

- Us :)

- Salary :D

Be grateful, kell.

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