Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Today *\\30.09.2009//*

finally last 2 papers finish!
and trials are over~
neni neni buu buu.


finish trials not means everything finish.
so i have to continue study smart for mua SPM also.
i went library after school, again.
i went there with amanda, puiyi and youxiang.

oh ya,
today mary-go-round that astro der,
channel 304 came to our school and me, amanda and puiyi also take part in the games.
normally i wont play but left nobody already.
play play play...
amanda got a box of...
many things inside.
and i got one mineral water.
and also 2 free cinema tickets!
thanks astro 304 channel and also mary-go-round.

okay back to the library,
around 4.30pm,
sister send us back.
and tmr i am not going to school!
gonna rest rest,
i am freaking tired.
but will go library.

- tickets and voucher. (:

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Today *\\29.09.2009//*

first of all,
i am here to wish our finally 18 years old,
Mr. Soo Teck Seang.
OMG finally you're 18.
but too bad,
your character is still 8 years old.
anyway Happy Birthday and enjoy your day.
stay cute and i guess you have to wish your hair faster grow longer so that you're not botak zaii.

starts my day.
i am late to school today.
so scare weih.
luckily my paper start at 10am.
8 something only i woke up and ask baba send me school.
but all the way jamming.
and my teacher is discipline teacher ler.
and i didnt cut my nail.
i scare i need to go discipline room.
then i walk into school silently and didnt show my name tag.
then go toilet and meet up puiyi, amanda and also tong.

seni paper starts at 10am.
and we start drawing.
and while drawing my mind is still doing something.
our exam dont really seems exam,
cause all the people walk here and there and talking,
turning around and stuff.

after school then went ICR eat again.
with the girls and also our birthday boy, jiayong and nicholas.
after that we went library together lur.

i gave some gift for mua friends that i bought from thailand.
anyway hope you guys like it.

at night,
joonkit bring the pendrive for me.
and i try to continue my work as fast as possible.
cause i have no time left.

- the actual sketch for gempa bumi.

- but at last i draw this stupid things. so OMG.

- during exams.

- ze pendrive. (:

- ze gift.

- by kellye tan

Monday, September 28, 2009

▪ phewz. (:

dont have to look back,
dont have to regret what we've did.
but the main thing is we know how to change and we know we're wrong.
not because of who but because of ourselves.

dont look back or else i will miss you freaking much,
yeap there is memories but just keep it as memories.
appreciate that we've did,
appreciate that what he gave you and what you gave her,
appreciate that the caring and loving from each other.

we look for the future but not to look back,
and thanks for everything.
i am happy,
and i hope you too.
enjoy your life.
kami rakan baik.

baby is not on,
but blurie and lobak is still on.
back to begin,
you are you and i am me.
will we have crush again?
i hope so but still depends the fate.

kawan baik saya,
must take care and enjoy your life.
become best friend is more better than what happen few days ago.

think positive!
Jasmine, you too.

- by kellye tan

Sunday, September 27, 2009

▪ dinner :D

i am back again.

i just back from the dinner and so well i enjoy there.
the food,
ma ma deii.
but my brother's friend all damn high over there and funny.

and found out from a auntie,
my mum's friend.
her daughter is at england and she's studying multimedia at the one too.
but she said until need a lottttt of money.
yeap i know is need a lot of money to study there.
her daughter study 3 years here and 2 years at england.

well so far i wont dream to far,
i mean i will just imagine myself till college first.
i cant go too far cause i havent come out the world and i dont know how's the world outside.
my mum even ask me wanna work as what.
i cant imagine anyway.
cause i really dont know outside der things.

for now,
i just hope and i wanna study well and after spm,
i wanna go take my undang.
and hope i can drive faster,
then can work part time for get some experience,
cause i didnt work before mahhh.
also can go someone's house and always kacau him.

purposely blog this ler.

oh ya.
i saw someone look like you in the dinner,
really look like look like!
going to hug him soon.

got some news about Jas and i understand your feeling.
well i am kinda worry you at the dinner but still hope you stay strong,
dont give up on your studies kayy?
you're not alone, still got meeeeee!
i am with you, girl.

- by kellye tan

▪ move on. (:


i am so bored.
that's why i came here to blog.
wanna blog about what?
i dont know actually.

tmr school starts,
with a different environment and different feeling for me.
but never mind,
i am still me.
and i do what i should do.
everyone support me kayy?

yesterday sleep kinda late,
and sms with joonkit til so late.
i sms til slept already.
i am sleepy arh.
i do somthing for 4 hours and haven done finish.
still got many more.
i have no time liao weih.
my friends help me yahh.

tmr exam.
and tmr school.
bored weih.
dont like to go school.
tmr will have no more morning call from baby.
everything have to do sendiri liao lur.
i find my own way,
just move on!

later got dinner tim,
lazy to go.
but i promised i gotta go already.
actually someone is invited also.
but too bad.
sometimes things will happen with not what we wish.
its okay.
luck will comes after bad luck.
i believe this.

but got one thing i always ask myself.
people always says that,
if we got one thing, then we'll lose one thing.
i always think,
what i've got and i lose you?
no matter what is that,
i rather lose that thing i also dont wanna lose you.
but well well fine,
this is depends both sides but not only me.
so i will just move on, move on.

KELLYE TAN balik balik.
become guai guai luii.

- by kellye tan

Saturday, September 26, 2009

▪ words of yours.

` you are the first girl who said i mean your everything.

` i have no heart to let you go away from my hand.

` my baby really baby, maybe that's your specialty that i like.

` i know i shouldn't sms you. but i really miss you so much and just wanna say study is study but dont push yourself to hard. i am always to support you.

` baby i am here holding your hand tight and we will face together. So i will be right by your side.

` baby i miss ya i miss ya, i really wanna kiss ya but i cant, 678 triple 98212.

` baby i miss ya. My hand suddenly go smooth after holding baby hand.

` no matter what i like ok liao. kellye ah tan ah shin ah yee ah all also i wan and like.

` we have no boundaries. Just to let baby know no matter what or how, i am with you. I will support you. I will love you. I will be with you. I wont go anywhere.

` just drop by to say i love you and jiayou on your exam. Do your best because my baby is Dabez.

` a kiss from baby its not enough but the heart is faithful.

` internship doesn't block us from keeping in touch.

` i am yours, and you are mine.

` baby i am not going anywhere neither out or away from your heart.

` baby you were never left out of my sight, you are just not by my side but you are not left out.

` A E I O U, blurie misses lobak.

you know how i feel.
dont you?
you know my heart is to you.
dont you?
a faithful heart to you.

- by kellye tan

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Today *\\25.09.2009//*

woke up early in the morning again.
i am sooo tired.
went school cause have to practice graduation song.
and i dont know what happen,
or they didnt manage well and we dont have radio and stuff to practice.
and only 8 of them there.

then decided to go sunway redbox to practice.
i dont feel like singing that song er.
i dont like that song.
we practice for an hour,
then we sing our own song.
sooo lameeeeeee.
i wanna sleep.
i am so sleepy.
but i still sing lur.
pay money one ler.

so far and they sang sarang heyo.
and now only i know that the song is so meaningful can caused my tears come out.
after redbox,
actually gonna meet up joonkit or chunyuen they all,
but i am freaking tired and decide to back home with taxi with puiyi.
RM18. so expensive already.

more while then i am home and online for a while,
and i went on the sofa and sleep.
from 7pm i slept til 12 something midnight.
and i shower late again today.
break promise.

after shower,
chat chat with sha and discuss about mua plan.
i neeeeeeeed people to help me in this plan.
hope can successsss!

- redbox.

- do i seems really happy?

i miss you.
wondering what are you doing right now?
can i call you and talk to you?

- by kellye tan

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Today *\\24.09.2009//*

woke up at around 8.30am,
well i open up my eye and the first thing was thinking of someone.
and went to ready everything cause i am going to sunway with friends.

around 9.30am,
puiyi's mum send us to sunway pyramid and we're giving teck seang surprise cause his birthday is coming soon.
its on 29 of September.
and well,
we reached there and get ready every stuff at gasoline.

who's there?
puiyi, teck seang, jeeseng, amanda and me.
well its the WHATEVER but seehui is not there.

and something happens in gasoline while we're waiting teck seang and while jeeseng is not there.
thanks for the girls,
thanks for your comfort and cuddle.

teck seang reached,
me and amanda bring the cake out and we sang birthday song for him.
hope he enjoy.

after that,
we went cinema and watch Where Got Ghost?
it seems like very funny but i am not laughing cause i scare.
and one guy behind me keep on laughing and remind me of someone,
cause his laughing sounds like him.
he is just keep running in my mind.

after movie,
i met up nicholas and we do nothing.
very bored.
and we find joshua eat lunch while they having break.
me and nicholas didnt eat but just yam cha there only.
with joshua, hoey mun and also seng yew.

after that,
they finish break and continue work.
me and nicholas doing nothing again.
and so well,
everywhere got song and reminds me many many things.
the road, the street.

me and nicholas went pizza hut eat and keep playing there.
cause hoey mun, joshua and seng yew they all work there.
we go in disturb only.
we have nothing to do.

around 7pm,
sha reach.
finally the Dabez met.
i miss you, do you?
and nicholas went back.
actually is 4 person went out and movie together one.
joon kit, sha, nicholas and me.
then joon kit no car and nicholas dowan watch.
then me and sha only lur.
we watch G force.
kinda funny guaa?
but there's many songs in the movie and reminds me something again.

wanna know what reminds me in songs?

` Bye Bye- seehui
` Jump- youxiang
` Just dance- amanda
` Boom boom pow- him
` I gotta feeling- him
` Right now (Nanana)- him
` Womanizer- myself


after movie,
went starbucks buy a drink,
orange juice that cost me around 10 bucks.
and we sit for only 5 minutes then chor ee reach.

chat chat in car,
and thanks for comments and also sending me back.

- see him, always play with his botak hair. xD

- happy early birthday. (:

- rabbit with the rabbit teeeeeth.

- dont kiss the camera. LOL.

- progress....~

- open your mouth, ahhh..........~

- HUH?! hahh.

- eat eat eat..

- feed you still so fierce. LOL.

- kell.

- kell and amanda.

- kell at pizza hut.

- kell and nicholas.

- nicholas dee dee.

- Dabez. (:

- starts playing around. (:

- Dabez Sha.

- Dabez Kell.

- This is the power of Dabez. (: this is the picture i love the most, among all. (:

- seriously orange. your head. ==0

` special thanks to:-
- amanda
- puiyi
- nicholas
- aisha
- chor ee


- by kellye tan