Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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Busy cleaning up room and welcoming the Chinese New Year!
There's a lot of going-to-expiry mask and I have to rush to use it before it expire!
Good one, do more mask and have a clean and nice face for Chinese New Year!
Hohoho :)

Besides of cleaning, dinner is also important for me!
Or else I have no energy to clean up and move things from a place to another place.
Owyeah, Taipei Walker at Kuchai Lama with AiSha.
Friendship between me and her plus plus plus! Increasing! *THE SIMS*



Had dinner with Caryn, PuiYi, Andrew, YuanYuan and MaxxSia.
Thanks to Caryn for having the heart for treating me meal.
Thanks so much. And thanks Maxx for the treat.
For both - Kiku Zakura and Tong Pak Fu :D



Almost there almost there!
It's coming soon and soon, nearer and nearer!
I would like to say hi, Chinese New Year! :D
Bought the drinks and snacks from supermarket with sixta.




That's my family's style. We used to communicate this way.
Because a lot of people cant understand how busy we were.
Difficult to be explain, only we know it.
Sometimes we dont even meet each other.
My family - Really busy.
Hopefully can spend more time with them during Chinese New Year :)



Hi my love! *wave hand*
She saw us brought the drinks and she was seduced and requested for one pack.
How cute she is? 
Grandmother, wishing you Happy Chinese New Year and stay healthy!
We are here with you, mwahx! :)



Went to MidValley with sister today to buy hampers.
There are lucky draw and we got this that sponsored by The Body Shop!
Wao, soooo lucky!
Thank you! :D


Good days are coming.
Be motivated! I have more works to do.
3 more days, hwaiting! :D