Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Today *\\31.08.2010//*

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
it's Malaysia Independent Day.
and public holiday.

did nothing much today.
as usual staying at home online, tv.
did some draft for the assignments so that wont be that rush.

watched a lot of movies.
but still the so so boring.

one thing im not really used to it,
it is once i awake,
my phone got no text messages such as good morning or i go work now.
and it is blank and nothing at all.
well i understand,
all these need time right?

actually i admit,
these days also i am thinking,
will i regret?
is all these the right decision?
i really dont know,
even you also wont know.
only time can show us what is real, what is fake.
i am afraid i regret,
and i am afraid i made the wrong decision.

is that we really not suitable?
or just that is all my problem?
i wish to know what i really want,
i wish to know is this decision is right or wrong.
but how can i know?

i miss you.
but i just have to control myself not to text you.
because you know,
we both need time to let go.
bii, ily.
and im sorry.

- i wish its not.

- tell me, who's the one?

- life is so ridiculous, we wont know who is the right until the right time.

- by kellyetan

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Today *\\30.08.2010//*

the first marketing class as usual.
he still that fast and i still that rush to write everything down.

always and always.
sometimes kinda blur of what he said.

after the class,
went for moral class.
as usual,
still that free and empty.
well i dont know its her problem or what.

we spent 2 hours,
ohhh no,
we wasted 2 hours inside the class doing nothing.
the last half an hour i open my laptop and watch toy story.
she also let us watch movie and korean movie.
then i was wondering,
she is the one who wanna watch is it?
or she got no energy to teach us?
i seriously wonder.

after class,
went tastebuds and mum mum with yilin.
after that she left.
i stayed there and do own revision until around 8pm,
darren came and we went Jojo eat together with chian and her sister as well.
thanks to chain's sister treat us Jojo,
darren said he thought he wanna belanja one.

after that,
went sunway pyramid IT Center there and find for darren's printer.
and finally bought it!
HP printers, scanner, photostat and in his budget.
it cost RM190 only.

after that around 9pm,
he sent me home.

Very honestly,
i miss you so much, J.

- by kellyetan

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Today *\\29.08.2010//*

woke up blur blur and went lunch with the workers for that day the electric fair in Puchong.
had great fun there,
the very first time drink 3 cups of red wine.
learning, processing.

know what?
in the small room,
2 tables,
already drink 6 bottles of red wine, 5 jug of Tiger beer and 1 bottle of wine.

but still,
we enjoy and had fun,
and took a lot of photos.

after that,
came home and rest for a while,
baba taught me drive.
i tell you ahhhh,
you guys cant sit my car,
i drive damn fast and dont know how to control every every everything.
even my staring and my turning,
very fast.
my baba scare,
i more scare.

after that,
the driving center people called me,
so i drove there to get my P license,
and then drove back home again.
all the way long,
around an hour.
very scary!

when i got down from the car,
my leg is shaking one weih,

i really dont know how to control and dont know how to see the car from left and right even behind.
quite of sad one nor.

but i will gayao!!
daring abit!
bang then bang.
*touch wood*

Happy Birthday JiaChie!

- by kellyetan

Saturday, August 28, 2010

▪ random post.

im sorry.
we're end.
stay happily,
i believe you can.

because we dont waste time.
sorry and thanks for everything.
take care.

- by kellyetan

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Today *\\27.08.2010//*

one thing,
puiyi drove me to sunway pyramid,
i quickly put safety belt.

she is kinda...
aggressive of driving.
im scare you know?

alright back to the diary.
went pyramid,
pepper lunch with puiyi.
then met up teckseang and jeeseng.
after that wenhui and puiyi's cousin sister.

the purpose we hang out today is to celebrate puiyi's belated birthday which is yesterday.

went movies PCK at 2.45pm,
amanda came and join us half way.
after that,
went sakae to fill their stomach full.
i didnt eat because im full.

deong break time and eating beside sakae.
so i met him up for a little while.
after that i back to sakae already.
then they paid and we leave to walking around.
plan some surprises.
and know what?
we celebrate the surprise in the car park.
what the?
but special right?

it's who's idea?
teckseang or jeeseng i think.
ohh and yeah,
before that we went pool also.
kinda smelly,
i hardly can breathe.

okayyy so after the celebrations in the car park,
everyone hot enough and we went in pyramid buy drinks and sitting together and eat the cake.
after that,
puiyi's cousin sister leave and we all guys and girls hanging around.
took sticker photo as well.

too bad seehui sick and couldnt join us.
whatever couldnt have a group photo again!
how sad.
i damn disappointed.
cause i was full expectation that she might come today.
hope we have chance again.

after photos,
we all leave.
wenhui wait his sister come and pick her up.
we all,
puiyi, teckseang, jeeseng and me,
went puchong's papa rich and had dinner aka YC.
around 11 something,
jeeseng sent us home.

- birthday girl. :)

- you have to pull the candle out. =p

- eating cake session. =D

- the whatever, extra wenhui and not extra seehui. =p

whatever; forever,
love you guys lots!

- by kellyetan

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Today *\\26.08.2010//*

i knew,
i was kinda quiet today and my face is so bitter.
i am so sorry guys.
make you guys worry about me.
i hope you guys understand how i really feels.
because the feeling of lonely and without anyone can let you tell and express.
it's kinda embarrassing,

but of course,
still thanks to listen to me,
sms with me,
chat with me.
and make me feel better than at first i was like collapsing.
thanks so much guys.
thanks chian, thanks jeeseng, thanks puiyi, thanks teckseang.
thanks so much.

i mean you guys know the feeling of suddenly many things comes around and cover you,
it might makes you mad right?
but anyway still thanks to be by my side when i need someone.

i will chill alright?
no worries.

Happy Birthday PuiYi!

- by kellyetan

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Today *\\25.08.2010//*

class as usual.
2 hour breaks and we went to eat mix rice and also baskin robbins.
the purpose is because the weather is so hot.

still we had fun.
and also in psychology class.
dont know what happened to us.
crazily took photos before class starts.
OMG i tell you guys,
i am seriously in love with my mates.

and know what?
outside our library,
1 of the window crack until freaking nice!
cool weih!
let's see how cool is it?

after class,
went pyramid for movie with deong.
after movie and dinner,
then we went home.

- wow. :D

- dear chian. :)

- yilin. :)

- joyi. :)

- yilin and chian. :)

- me. :)

- me and stitch. :)

- loves. :)

- by kellyetan

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Today *\\23.08.2010//*

clas as usual and nothing special.
but after class went papa rich with the girls and had some fun there.
although it's just a short time,
but enjoy bullying yilin.

just a short blog post here.

- huibin and me. :)

- huibin, chian and me with our milo dinosaur. :D

- we're so happy with our milo but yilin sick so she cant drink. =D

- by kellyetan

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Today *\\22.08.2010//*

another day of working again.
darren find me for lunch.
good brother.

still the same,
tired and my eye kinda red there.

work end at 10.30pm and went old town with my sister and darren as well.
haihs so sad old town dont have teh tarik,
i miss the taste weih.

around 12 something only we leave,
shower and sleep.

* pictures havent been upload.

- by kellyetan

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Today *\\21.08.2010//*

today woke up at 8am,
work as promoter at puchong.
with sister and 1 of my cousin.
very very very tired.

after working,
sent cousin home.
then me and my sister went to eat papa rich.
after that we went home,
shower and everything,
i watch tv and sms,
and i slept.
sleep with wearing spec and holding my phone.

- me and my sister.

- waikit and joyce.

- waikit and me. :)

- by kellyetan