Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Today *\\26.08.2010//*

i knew,
i was kinda quiet today and my face is so bitter.
i am so sorry guys.
make you guys worry about me.
i hope you guys understand how i really feels.
because the feeling of lonely and without anyone can let you tell and express.
it's kinda embarrassing,

but of course,
still thanks to listen to me,
sms with me,
chat with me.
and make me feel better than at first i was like collapsing.
thanks so much guys.
thanks chian, thanks jeeseng, thanks puiyi, thanks teckseang.
thanks so much.

i mean you guys know the feeling of suddenly many things comes around and cover you,
it might makes you mad right?
but anyway still thanks to be by my side when i need someone.

i will chill alright?
no worries.

Happy Birthday PuiYi!

- by kellyetan

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