Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Today *\\31.08.2010//*

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!
it's Malaysia Independent Day.
and public holiday.

did nothing much today.
as usual staying at home online, tv.
did some draft for the assignments so that wont be that rush.

watched a lot of movies.
but still the so so boring.

one thing im not really used to it,
it is once i awake,
my phone got no text messages such as good morning or i go work now.
and it is blank and nothing at all.
well i understand,
all these need time right?

actually i admit,
these days also i am thinking,
will i regret?
is all these the right decision?
i really dont know,
even you also wont know.
only time can show us what is real, what is fake.
i am afraid i regret,
and i am afraid i made the wrong decision.

is that we really not suitable?
or just that is all my problem?
i wish to know what i really want,
i wish to know is this decision is right or wrong.
but how can i know?

i miss you.
but i just have to control myself not to text you.
because you know,
we both need time to let go.
bii, ily.
and im sorry.

- i wish its not.

- tell me, who's the one?

- life is so ridiculous, we wont know who is the right until the right time.

- by kellyetan