Thursday, June 25, 2015

| R4ND0M | * Get ready to leave Newcastle.

My family will be here in another 8 days, and there are 23 days left to back home.
I feel excited to go home, at the same time I can't tear myself away from Newcastle.
Although the food here isn't has many choice as Malaysia, but the weather here is the only way for me to stay fair but not tan. Also, to stay slim because I walk a lot here. I still remember the first time I sat in the taxi and I was like... Wow, that feeling in car, the feeling is so strange, like I never sat in car for months. 

There are a lot of things happened here.
The happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment.
The happy moment where I travel with my friends, or just normal chatting for hours in the kitchen, party, having meal together, laughing at each others' weaknesses etc.

Sadness and disappointment of some friendship issue, self-confidence, long distance relationship and communication issue, score a bad result etc.

The anger of flatmate's cleaning issue, those drunk people who shout the lungs out of my window in the middle of night and wakes me up, the early fire alarm testing on every Monday, and lecturers who don't explain well with their expectations and making me stuck in my assignments.

I still remember when I just came, I couldn't sleep well every night, the bed is too new to me. I insomnia for months, and I changed the direction from head to toe and from toe to head. Now, I finally sleep well every night. I can have a deep sleep in 5 to 10 minutes. But too bad, by the time I used to it, it's time to leave.

There are still a few things that I really regret not to do it in Newcastle.
I did not travel a lot. I never been to the Tynemouth, Lake District, Bath, Glasgow, Stonehenge etc.
Really wasted the opportunity, I should go to the Student Union and travel every weekend.

My mom did ask me to work here, but I can't make it.
I really salute to my friends who can leave everything and live here, but I really cant.
Maybe I wasn't independent enough, even I'm here, I still look the same.
I still feel afraid to be alone sometimes.
My English in Malaysia is like ABCDE level but in here, my English level is only ABC.
I can type, but I cant speak, I speak like I just learn English few days ago #fail

I actually realize my weaknesses, or I was born to be engaged with relationship that kind of thing.
Like love, friendship, family.
I easily get affected by these kind of thing, maybe that's the reason why I always get mood swing, hahah.

I will miss here, definitely.
Awwww I dont feel like leaving now, howww :(
Once go back to Malaysia, that's the end of student's life.
Need to work, earn money, get married, born babies, and be a long life personal maid to the husband and children
THAT'S MY LIFE, how waste.

Anyhow, I will miss everything no matter what, the people, the environment, the Western food, the university, the flat. 

Miss you guys, I will be back and tick the incomplete tourist attractions if I'm rich in the future, bless me!

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