Friday, July 31, 2009

▪ ♥ Lembaga Maintenance

Im addicted.
always in love with Lembaga Maintenance.

- by kellye tan

My Today *\\31.07.2009//*

its LM anual general meeting today.
flashback on August 1, 2008.
after AGM,
everything might changed.
i am agree what yee hliang's blog wrote.
it will change everything.

cry for few scene today.
really a lots of flashback for me.
kinda moody and down.

first of all.
congrates to the 09/10 LM committees.

President- Narongrit
Naib President- Shern Li
Setiausaha- Wan Ning
Bendahari- Xiao Ying
Ketua Disiplin- Qi Hong
Ketua Audio Visual- Anysia Quek
Penolong Ketua Audio Visual- Jia Yong
Ketua Tugasan- Yee Hliang
Penolong Ketua Tugasan 1- Xie Thong
Penolong Ketua Tugasan 2- Wei Ling

Ketua Publisiti-Ka Yean
Penolong Ketua Publisiti-Pi Lian

Ketua Wakil kelas- Amy Phang
Penolong Ketua Wakil Kelas 1- Wen Yiang
Penolong Ketua Wakil kelas 2- Qi Yan

▪ Narongrit - A president, you really can do it. If everyone think that you can do it, just do it. Give yourself more confidence. Dont be shy. You are the head of LM. Jiayou. (:

▪ Shern Li - I dont know you well. But i feel that you really got the vice president's potential. Haha. Goodluck(:

▪ Wan Ning - Setiausaha. If any problem you can ask your sister for help. (:

▪ Xiao Ying - My cute little babe. (: You can do it. (:

▪ Qi Hong - The always crazy and playful person. Ketua disiplin, fierce and serious. (:

▪ Anysia Quek - Dont know you well. But they choose you as Ketua, means they think that you can. So, just do it! (:

▪ Jia Yong - From QM jump to LM. But you have the potential. I believe you can do it. (:

▪ Yee Hliang - The cute one. (: Ketua Tugasan, gogo ketua tugasan! (:

▪ Xie Thong - Dont know you well. But my mind told me that you can do it. Jiayou! (:

▪ Wei Ling - A great girl that really can do it. (:

▪ Ka Yean - Ketua Publicity woooh. You can do it! (:

▪ Pi Lian - Dont know you well. But just goodluck! (:

▪ Amy Phang - Ketua Wakil Kelas, i know that you got this potential. Hahah, cause you really very geng. xD

▪ Wen Yiang - Dont know you at all. Hahah, but what i wanna said is, goodluck and dont eat me this cutie lobak. ):

▪ Qi Yan - Twins! hah. Goodluck! (:

for the member who doesn't get any post.
its okay alright?
we work for LM not because of post.
but because of the fun and enjoy working for it.
many outsider always said that LM member just like worker.
but they are wrong.
they wont know how fun is it.
they wont know how we enjoy and having fun during duty.
they wont know.
but we know.
we willing to work for LM,
we use our heart to work for LM.
doesn't get any post didnt mean what,
didnt mean anything.
just continue come for LM.
we should proud because we are one of the LM member.
the Lembaga Maintenance of Catholic High School.

▪ Kristy - I guess you're ok. And i hope that you're really ok. What i worry is that you act as nothing but actually hurt inside your heart. You still got me. xD Find me if you need me. (:

▪ Xiu Yee - Since i always chat about LM with you. I've already said that dont put too high expectation on yourself. But i guess i know what happen to you. I saw you cry badly and leave straight away after AGM. I feel like talking to you but you leave already. Now im trying to find out your number. I feel like talking to you. Are you ok? It doesn't matter. Dont sad. You need time. I understand, cause i need time too. ==0 Just find me if you need me. (:

▪ Kai Xiang - I saw that your smile is not the natural smile. But, just.. need time bah? Take care. (:

▪ Kar Yew - Take care buddy. (:

▪ Bi Hui - Take care. Dont think about it already, its over. Take care. (:

during Puan Chia gives speech,
i think is around 5 minute speech,
she said 49 times of the word ''OK''.
Kill me please...~

- friendship last forever. (:

- ready to give speech.

- the candidates.

- kell and tong. (:

- who cover me?

- Lalala, act cute! xD

- OMG.. this.. *vomit*

- dang dang dang dang! x)

- kellye. (:
- Lai Lai announcing result. Dont go Canada. ):
- congrates!
- pres and vice pres.

- goodluck! (: the committees of 09/10.

- this board made by kayean. (:

when you need me,
just text me or give me a call.
- by kellye tan

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Today *\\30.07.2009//*

what a bad day to me.
July is not my day!

feel very uneasy with something.
dont know what to choose.
choose to lie to my mum?
or choose to follow my mum?
if i lie to my mum,
i could go out.
if i follow my mum,
i couldnt go out.

but the problem is,
i feel like going out but wont wanna lie to my mum.
headche arh.

school end,
i choose to lie to my mum and went out gai gai with jason.
but there's something wrong inside my mind.
i feel like suffering.
and at last i ffk jason and i choose to go home.
im sorry blurie.
i hope he dont mind.

friends talk something to me.
i know they talk to me like this is for my good.
but i think i know what am i doing.
i got my own reason.
i got my own decision to made.
sorry to said that.
but i just hope you guys believe me.
that's all.
its enough to me.
what i need is you all's support and believe.
i am not like what you all thinking.
close friend.
and about the,
because of him lie to my mum,
i guess is because i feel that im happy to went out with him.
i can said that.
just give me support and believe me.
can ma?
just dont care what am i going to do.
thank you.

kinda sad after listen what my friend said to me.
cause i feel that i didnt do something like what they think about.
hurts that they not believe in me.
i really hope you guys understand.
dont forget every word i said to you guys ooh.
i take relationship serious now.
i hope you all understand.

amanda fetch me home.
and more while then,
mami fetch me to office.
cause baba and mami got dinner.
so that i have to accompany sister at office.
i damn tired weih.
around 9.30pm,
we went for dinner.
and i went bed on around 12 plus am.

- im so bored!

- by kellye tan

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Today *\\28.07.2009//*

skipped school again.
what happen to me?
any pig curse me huh?
until im so pig.

i woke up 5.12am this morning.
blurie woke me up.
but then why am i continue sleep?
damn angry myself weih.
anyone can cure my gaogao sick?

when i open my eyes,
its blue sky.
the first thing i wanna do is kill myself.
cause i know that i skipped school again!
then let mami scold for a while.
i cry inside blanket.
i damn useless lar weih.
why i cant wake?

ready everything.
went eat lunch with mami and sister and also grandmother.
then mami fetch me to ttc.
tuition paying around 80% attention.
tuition end,
blurie send me and amanda back.
then in car amanda she.......
i dont wanna said already.
my heart break.
blurie also quiet.

then blurie send me home lur.
at home do some studies and homework.
for a while only nar.
*i where got so hardworking.**
then im here to online and blogging!

anyone save me?
i had some flashback today.
- by kellye tan

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Today *\\27.07.2009//*

my darling unhappy today.
long story.

school as usual and went satelite take lunch after school with the girls.
i ate 1 bowl of kuey teow and 2 plate of wan tan mee.
i dont know what's wrong with me but i am hungry.
dont shock.

skipped accounts tuition and went taman with my darling.
chat everything.
hearts to hearts.
i understand you and you understand me too.
and suddenly feel that my surrounding gives me a lonely feeling that i couldnt explain it out.
around 4pm,
went puiyi's house sleep for a while and tuition.
and after tuition,
mami fetch me home.

- now i look back and i feel like vomiting. x(

- taman.

- sky, no boundaries.

- kellye's inside!

- by kellye tan

▪ i speak

why is everyone gonna migrate?
why is everyone gonna study at other country?
canada canada australia australia australia.
my darling nar, my lai lai nar, my aquarius nar, dylan and my baby blurie.
i cant take it that you all leave me and go far away lur..
i dont wanna ANYONE OF YOU to leave me.
i love all of you.
i wanna cry.
why are you all leaving me?
dont leave me.
i need all of you.

- by kellye tan

Sunday, July 26, 2009

▪ random(:

- cards that i made for my friends, but suddenly cancel party. LOL!

- guess this is male or female's hand? i treat you makan if you're right.

- by kellye tan

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Today *\\25.07.2009//*

woke at around 6.30am.
thanks to my aquarius to wake me up.
prepare everything.
omg i damn tired.
i cant sleep well.
cause i worry many things.

then baba send me to school.
and wait my aquarius baby.
more while then,
met her up.
and went 7- eleven buy some foods.
the LM ex committees is inside kanna curry house.
we not dare to go in.
so we walking outside.
chatting and i drink my milk.

then then then,
met Narongit few times.
he not dare go in kanna curry house also.

alright then then then,
me and tong sit terence's car to taman pertanian.
around 20 person going.
i mean,
i dont know how many but there's around 20 nar.
let me list them out.

chunyan, wanning, yingyen, czixian, kaychong, darren, teresa, songjian, vincent, terence, weijie, kailin, tsaeshiang, jiachie, puiyee, fiona, jeeseng, boonwei, tong and me.

its them.

then we lend bicycle.
and we ride for few hours.
is few hours.
very, very, very tired.
but there's fun.
just like camp.
reminds me something.
but it is really very very fun weih.
im lovin it.
so i hope they organize more so that i can join again.

and we went to see those 4 season thingy.
but its summer this month.
and unfortunately weijie's phone lost.
guess stole by other people already.
weijie dont sad ya.
we have to care our things nicely.

oh ya,
one part of when we're riding bicycle,
got many monkey is trying to attack us.
they wanna snatch our bags.
so yeng.
monkey gangster VS LM cute little human.
but at last no one K.O

and my aquarius baby fell down.
omg im so sorry.
i should ride far away from you.
im so sorry tong.
hope you're okay.

after riding,
we went klang to eat bak kut teh.
me and tong share one plate only cause dont feel like eating.
then baboon fetch me back.
and now only i know that tsae shiang's dad and my dad is best friends.
i didnt know at all.
now only i know.
thanks baboon sending me back home.

reached home and shower.
around 7 something,
jason pick me up and we went summit for movie.
ice age 3.
damn funny ler.
but too bad im very tired.
so i was like dying dying.
paiseh jason.

after movie,
eat mum mum then its still early.
so we're in the car 'long gaii'.
and stopped in front of seksyen 4 and chat in car.
chat about something unhappy i guess.
after that then,
jason fetch me home.
that's my today.
actually at night is friend's party,
but cancel so suddenly.

thanks everyone.
you all made my day.
thanks for the LM ex committees too.

- hmmm. lets see the map. xD

- going in. (:

- start riding the first section.

- rabbits.

- parrot. (: carrot. x)

- this is call...... *ehem*

- kailin, jiachie, kellye, tong, fiona, puiyee.

- kailin, tsae shiang, jiachie, kellye, tong, fiona, puiyee. (:

- puiyee, tsae shiang, fiona, kellye, boon wei (behind me), tong, kailin.

- boonwei and tsae shiang.

- this is cool. xD

- riding..

- rest.

- cool weih. ;)

- parking. xD

- mr. baboon.

- nice one. (:

- kell and tong.

- kellye syok sendiri. (:

- mmm, i respect them. (:

- tong, jiachie our ketua publicity and me. (:

- im the middle one. muahahaha.

- spot me. (:

- not group photo, some of them lost.

- gastric, luckily i got bread. (:

- end ride.

- woohooo. sexy terence.

- mum mum. (:

*im waiting the group photo from chunyan. ;)

- by kellye tan