Friday, December 31, 2010

| 31122010 | * New Year Eve!

it's New Year Eve everyone! Anyone staying at home alone? Dont do so okay? Find friends out to countdown! If nobody date you out, just do what i did. Find job and work x( *sounds more pity* ishhh! Nobody date me out seriously, Jack did call me out for countdown but it's too late. x( i am working tho. =/

im working in Time Square in front of IT Centre, selling Papago and WayWay GPS again. because high pay and easy. you know people always did well in the things they always do. x) just like i always sell GPS and now i am pro! wahahahahahahaha x) alright im just joking, not very very pro also. x)

im working with puiyi, therefore im spending my new year eve and new year with her. jeffery also went there accompany me and her girlfwend, and i also have the pleasure to meet him up. x)
people working there is very very friendly. they are not so LCLY like my past 2 jobs, i work until very unhappy. but this time im very very happy! all the worker are kind and helpful. x)

in time square are kinda crowded today also. perhaps everyone's gonna count down? x) we also sold alot of GPS today. if im not mistaken is around 10 GPS we sold. whee!

anyway! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! All the best everyone! What you did is wrong, what the luck you've got, its all the past! In new brand year, make your life full of meaning and never did the same mistakes! (:

- by kellyetan

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

| 29122010 | * I Watch Scary Movie! x)

woke up at around 11am. shower and get ready and wait for puiyi's baba come and pick me up. i got no car to use today because mami wanna use, puiyi also. LOL. her busy baba sent us to sunway pyramid with speeding speed. LOL. because he was in rush. i am so scare! T.T

after that, we went cinema to buy movie tickets. the cinema were so crowded! a lot of people today! OH MY! but we still manage to bought tickets. we watch Vampire Warriors which is a cantonese movie. people who know me well know that i dont watch scary movie, this movie i saw the trailer is like.. macam funny movie i guess. so i plan to watch this.

went popular book store to buy my schedule book and pens. cant manage to help my mum to get her stuffs because of the service of popular. LOL. went sakae sushi to makan as well and met up yilin dear because i forget to bring my jacket out. so i text her to bring for me because i knew she will go there with her friends :)

after makan, went movie. the movie is kinda.. scary? LOL. maybe not very but still. a little bit of joke but not very funny. overall is talking about vampire. of course lahh its a vampire movie wud. LOL. i mean, i dont know i feel this movie is a little bit lame. =x ratings for this movie will be 2.5/5 stars.

LOL. we also went to eat new zealand ice cream cause i never eat before. i love to eat ice cream sometimes, depends on my mood. ;D

we also went everywhere to hunt for shoe. show for work and shoe for college. i saw few shoe i wanted to buy! ishhh but i only buy few, i have to control! ><" so i already bought 1 pair of high white shoe for working. puiyi wanna get one the same one but too bad only have last pair and its display set :( she gave it to me because she said there are still another pair and she can get that. but end up that pair also dont have her size. ishh :(

after walk walk walk, her baba called and pick us up around 9.20pm. sent me home. thanks uncle! tmr i will be picking your daughter back, no worries. xD

Next month's today,
I wish.

- by kellyetan

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

| R4ND0M | * Cheque Out! :]

Got my salary of Papago at Shah Alam! :)
actually got it around last month but got no time to update about that.
RM450 :)

Dears, what you guys wanna eat? :)

- by kellyetan

Sunday, December 26, 2010

| 26122010 | * Last Day of Working :]

it's last day of working. work as usual and keep all the stuffs at around 8.30pm. 8pm we already start free! go walk around the fair and see the mouse, laptop skins, speaker, ear phone, pen drive and many other stuffs.

went back to our booth and start packing things. just like LM. i miss LM. dont have to say much, jiayong surely pack very fast. LM committee mahh. sure very very geng one. ;p pack all the inks, move all the boxes because it is very messy. LOL. took off shoe because its high, we are difficult sto squad down and pack things. smelly. =/

after packing everything, we got our salary on the spot! RM310 i've got it! :) but the feeling not that excited. the most excited is they bank in. and when we go to the bank and update and we see the amount had increase surprisingly. that's the excite i want. LOL. but no choice, just get it on the spot and i bank in myself lur. =/

i didnt drive my car today. its kaijin sent us here. the 17 girls needed people to send them to the KTM. and in the car they said this and that, dont wanna back home and wanna join us. *so cheap* LOL. how to sit in a car? please dont fathao in front of the guys and fake fake join us. i feel so dislike. =/ end up, they didnt join us and i dont know whoever sent them back. we still continue went to my house. drove my car out and went pappa rich together. had our dinner there. we did apologize to kaijin because we talked to him very fierce, its like we are ordering him not to sent the girls and not to let them join us like that. so we apologize :( sorry kaijin.

dinner at pappa rich and chat. before the work ends we took alot of photos. 4 in pink and 2 in blue. :) its all planned by us. we planned to wear formal but afraid alex scold by his boss. O.o so we wear in color :) alright back to topic, after makan, sent them home and i am home, it was around 1am that time. woots! :) happy working together :)

- while working :)

- packing :)

- puiyi and me :)

- my boyfwend and me :)

- puiyi, jasmine and me :)

- puiyi, my boyfwend and me :)

- my boyfwend and me :)

- my boyfwend tanjiayong :)

- puiyi and me :)

- the girls; 2 pink and 1 blue. :)

- the boys; 2 pink and 1 blue. :)

- my boyfwend and her boyfwend; the pink group :)

- her boyfwend; the blue group. :)

- the 6 of us in 18. :)

- pappa rich. :)

- by kellyetan

Saturday, December 25, 2010

| 25122010 | * Merry Christmas! :]

it's christmas today! quite alot of people today. i mean everywhere :) so we are kinda busy today, not very. but at leaste better than yesterday :)

we are in white today. i mean the 6 of us. we are exclude the 17 girls. LOL. but that's not important. nothing special today. i wear a small mini christmas cap today. captured few pictures with jasmine but she said she cant found the photos. T.T sad case. i kinda love those photos. huhu but its okay. forget about it.

today i work with quite a angry mood. =/ because of something which i dont feel like telling :( whatever, anyhow, alex told us that our salary for today is 150! woots. i expect only 100. but 150! not bad nahh. ;D

after work, went asia cafe to have dinner and snowflakes. met ronald as well. we miss him alot. LOL. our dailou. long time no see yahh? i see him few days ago. HAHA. i mean they long time didnt meet him. only few days i also damn missing him already. missing him badly badly bad badly. LOL.

after that, sent them home as usual and i went home too.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

- say ueeeee~

- merry christmas! :)

- by kellyetan

Friday, December 24, 2010

| 24122010 | * Christmas Eve!

Hello Peeps! guess what? it's christmas eve today! BUT!! i gotta work. LOL. nolahhh cant blame, i can dont take the job and go to celebrate but i did not do that. LOL. i found out i am lonely and boring. i got no outing and no party. LOL. work luhhh. =/

i work for alex. selling ink and printers plus free gift. =/ who am i working with? puiyi, jasmine, leong, jiayong and kaijin. and other 2 girls which is younger than us but LCLY. they are really so fucking LCLY. being friendly is like killing them badly like that. WTF. respect lah please. we are 18 okay. you girls SPM result also haven come out. *cekik sampai mati*

anyway today's work is still so boring. perhaps its friday. =/ and this exhibition macam dont really get people's attention. not really many customers and therefore, we are boring. wanna die. LOL.

after work, we all the 18 went asia cafe to had our dinner. after that sent them home. we countdown in the car. it's like.. 12am, merry christmas! then byebyeee. that kind of thing. wahahha ;D sounds like so.. *ehem* but it isnt bad. i got you guys' wishes. :)

after that, i went home, shower and rest. :)

- the work place.

- leong. :)

- finish work! :)

- Merry Christmas! :)

- by kellyetan

Thursday, December 23, 2010

| 23122010 | * Movie Day! :]

woke up at around 10am. get ready and everything and wait for puiyi come to my house. then we're out to the giant nearby my house area and wait for tankaijin which is the one who always wear formal and who always disappear. LOL i dont know why he always lost contact with us. x(

alright back to the topic. we met him and his friend which is sitting in another car. and we 2 cars go the mines together. the reason we went there is actually to know the road only. LOL. cause we are working tomorrow. ishh.

once reached there, park a side and we are just talking and didnt do anything. his friend and him went in the mines and do whatever they want. we headed to sunway to buy movie tickets. oh i have addition here, tankaijin change a lot! he look so smart. LOL :)

bought movie tickets, met up tong. then went to MOF to had our lunch.

of course green tea as well :) selepas itu, i give a call to ks and dia tak pick up mua phone, how dare he is? LOL. anyway i know they are gonna come to my housing area around 5pm and i know it is impossible i will be there that early cause anyhow my movie ends at around 6pm. called dear chian and told her that im not able to join they all to have dinner at klang. :(

after that, went for movie. GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. you know the giant man. ahahhaahah x) that's a cool movie! fun movie! it make me laugh non stop, ohhh its nooooooooooooooooon stop! ahah x)

rating for the movie is 4.5/5 stars. their ending not sooo nice? but still not bad! eheheheheh ;D

after that, went popular book store buy my stuffs. cause you know, my mum always stole my eraser with any kind of excuses. elehh thought i so easy kena tipu? LOL yeah i always kena tipu and i gave her all of mine. ishhh. so i went popular book store to buy eraser. huhu.. x(

then, went cinema again. yeahh again the another movie, LITTLE FOCKERS. hmmm this movie is a little bit the... kinda many sex sex sex. yet its still funny. but you know human would love to do comparison. HAHA. so i still prefer Gulliver's Travels. bwahahahaha ;D

anyway, the rating for this movie is 3/5 stars. not that bad right? yeahh seriously not that bad ;)

after movie, went somewhere asia avenue to walk walk and buy my giap giap :) also yamcha there and i randomly missing ronald! woots, called him and date him for dinner. we went Jojo for dinner but mana tau he didnt eat. ishhh, traffic jam all the way bagi toll to bring him come with us tapi he dont eat. :(

whatever. after dinner, sent tong, ronald and puiyi home. and i also send myself home, and the kids. O.O i mean the animals aka pets in my car home. awhhh they wanted me to list them out. ishhh. they are Lilo, Wiiwee, Groggy and Yomiko :)

good night to the world
good night to the readers
good night to my kids aka animals aka pets
good night to you :)

p/s: i know this blog post is kinda long. opps no its very long like a karangan. i believe if this is an examination i might get A+ for this subject. ahahahahahah ;D dont wanna crap alot. love ya guys, nights! :)

- by kellyetan