Sunday, December 19, 2010

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woke up around 11am. saw mami is making tongyun. LOL. didnt choi her because im tired. eheheh ;D bad daughter dont learn. LOL. and then i dont know what things happened, i woke up and brush my teeth wash my face. eat mum mum. then blablabla do other stuffs for a while, fetched mami to grandma house. mami first time sit my car nehhh, but she scream like... ==" okay fine. LOL. i've been few weeks didnt drive. LOL. after that chat with grandma, then went back home and drop her down. picked up puiyi and we went sunway.

she accompanied my there and buy my stuffs such as shoes, bags and skirt. everything done! finally. LOL. and we yamcha at MOF the Japanese dessert store. ;D not bad yumyum. ;D
we also walked to cinema and see what movie is coming soon. wanna watch movie mahh. x)

around 7pm, we left. sent her home and i came home and makan. :)
that's my day. :)

- by kellyetan

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