Sunday, December 12, 2010

| R4ND0M | * Working Days x(

| 10122010 | Friday |

working day 1, wondering why am i so tired of working today? not really got sales today. what a day. phews. perhaps i didnt rest well yesterday and today i am so tired. sold out 2 GPS today. sales not so good. not really have people today. x(

| 11122010 | Saturday |

working day 2, still wondering why am i so tired of working today? still, the sales wasnt good. but improved. LOL. 3 GPS sold out. increase 1. LOL. commission decreased by boss. promoter decrease as well. cut cost? maybe. from 80+ promoter decrease until 13 promoter. LOL.

|12122010 | Sunday |

working day 3, the last day. of course is still tired. i dont know why lahh i am so tired. x( kinda bad and worried day today. sister and friends visit me today. until 4pm and i did not sell out any! am i worry? of course i am. my own target for today is 5! but now i sell nothing! i going to cry. everyone sell and the people crowded. why i sell nothing? is it because i not pretty like them? at the moment, my self esteem really goes low seriously. i complained to my sister and i am going to cry. :(

i cried, seriously cried. in the toilet, alone. sounds pity? because someone snatch my customer. i served for almost an hour there and she came to me and tell me, they are my customer and she just snatch them away. me, did not sell any. dont i feel sad and hurt? of course i am! i apologize immediately, run into the toilet, cry. i cry is because why she wanna be like this; i cry because why i served them for an hour and she can just because of a sentence and kicked me away; i cry because of why she cant just give me the customer; i cry because i apologize to her even i dont do wrong. :(

some of the people, they just so calculative. its alright. jump some scene. end up, i sold 5 GPS today in half day. why? thanks to my dear Puiyi help me serve some of my customer, thanks to her to give me her customer, thanks to my dear sister and her boyfriend to wish me luck. i really appreciate. (:

- by kellyetan

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