Friday, December 17, 2010

| 17122010 | * Singapore Trip Day 3 :]

day 3, woke up at around 10, make up and wear contact lens. went to eat tian tian chicken rice again. after that went bugis street walk. then met up chian and fei at around 1 something. never know fei is there, surprise me. LOL. chian keep say that i act kuminam and i dont understand what is she talking about. LOL. the truth is fei act like my lovely husband yonghwa following kuminam behind me. LOL. gave chian a big hug when i see her because i miss her so much. x)

walk walk at bugis and we went KOI bubble tea as well. :) then went back out hotel and moved to hard rock hotel at sentosa. they help us to carry the things. really thankiew so much! :) then, we watched 4D together. chian and fei's first time 4D gave me already. wahahahah ;D

after that, they left and we see the show, songs of the sea. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!
that time i was thinking, sea water can be scary sometimes, but they are amazing sometimes also. very very very very very very nice!! x) show end at around 9.15pm. we took MRT back to hotel area. eat in a restaurant as our dinner. take pictures and alot of my perasan pictures in the nice and grand hotel. ;D

i took quite a long time to shower because the water is big anough and warm, i feel very comfortable. x) then rest and watch television on bed. :D

photos refer to here.

- by kellyetan

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