Wednesday, December 8, 2010

| 08122010 | * Malacca Trip Day 3 :]

Day 3 which is the last day. Maggie cup as our breakfast and also mille crepe as well. After that, packing for all of our stuffs. Went to Cowboy Town to had our complete breakfast. Maggie cup is not enough. x) Ordered vegetables and meats. LOL. Other that that, we count all the money there. Refunds, pay, deposit, food, petrol and everything. After that, leave and back to Fei's house again.

Everyone rest there. Do nothing and some of them leave and back to their house. Left Chian, Yilin, Fei, Andrew, Yaw, KS, Lek, WenHao and me. What is our plan? Went Sunway had A&W as our dinner and watch Narnia 3D. After movie, all of us discussed and almost all of us did sleep a little while in the middle boring part. Because of boring or because of we tired? We not sure about that. HAHA ;D

After that, went back Fei's house and pack our things. Lek sent us home. (:

- by kellyetan

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