Monday, December 6, 2010

| 06122010 | * Malacca Trip Day 1 :]

Chian overnight at my house. We slept at around 4am in the morning and we woke up at around 7am in the morning.
i am so tired. x(

Get ready of everything and wait for our gentlemen Mr. Tan Aik How aka Ah Lek come to fetch us. Then all of us meet at Fei's house.
Gather together and went KuaiLam makan breakfast. x)

After that, out from Subang! Blablabla in car for example sleeping, chatting, playing, listening music, singing and so on. LOL. Ohya! Chian, Andrew, Yan, Calvin and me in a car. Whose car? Calvin's Audi! Woooootttts! :D

Reached there arounddddd.. I also forget what time already but i know it's not that late? Went hotel to check something? Then went A Famosa! Too bad i am having mentrual cycle at that timing. What a bad bad and so so wrong timing! Ishh! But alright, this is my first trip can overnight outside with mua friends! So let's have fun! :D

All of them went in the water park and Fei told us that he afraid of water? LOL. So both of us went Safari see the animals. LOL. Until around 5pm. Then we left and back to the hotel. Shower and rest. Then get ready for STEAMBOAT!! Wootss! Having funnn! Nyahahahaha! :D

Guess what? I went bed at 11pm. So early right? All of them still playing weih. Hahahah. I too tired already. :D

of course i love ya'all.

- by kellyetan

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