Saturday, December 18, 2010

| 18122010 | * Singapore Trip Day 4 :]

day 4, which is the last day here. woke up at around 9am and went downstair to take out breakfast. LOL buffet breakfast also have to Q up. everything also have to Q. LOL. after that, went to have a look at the pool in Hard Rock hotel. got no chance to play because no time. x(

after that, went back hotel room packed our things and i sleep for half an hour more because the bed is really so so big and comfortable. x) after that then, checked out and went vivo city walk walk. Lacoste there is selling kinda cheap. o.O we also visited the pet shop and other shops. LOL. didnt go to bugis, i dont have chance take picture with the Lilo decorations. x(

shop and play around until around 6.30pm, we left and rush back to the hotel. took cab to Changi airport. shaking there around 2 hours, do nothing. LOL. after that went on plan around 9.45pm if im not mistaken. then reached malaysia around 11pm. took taxi back home. maggie as our dinner because all of us are tired and dont feel like going out to hunt for food. x( after that, sleep! LOL.

photos refer here.

- by kellyetan

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