Tuesday, December 21, 2010

| 21122010 | * Jobless!

what to blog about today? well, woke up late today. luckily puiyi didnt scold me. ehehehehehe ;D suppose to out at 12pm and i woke up at 12 something ;p where we went? college lur. she asked me to accompany her there, of course no problem lahh! ;D i also went there take my result since i did not receive any letter from college huhhh.

got my results and my CGPA drop as well. WTF?! :( ishh ishhh. what to do, bad students always dont study is like that. i seriously seriously wanna study hard and pay attention in class, crazily do notes next semester! i dont care. :( i must i must its a must! ><" i have to put double effort. ishhh. x(

after that, went asia cafe eat RM4.80 rice. long time didnt eat there. and actually i wanna eat Jojo but i really very tired. lazy to walk. =x so i go the NEAREST one. ehehehehe ;D after that, back to my house. we watched drama, eat snacks. we also very hardworking find job. but there are no any job suit us to work. ishh. then, with the feeling of cool air cond, we both......... *iao iao iao* become pig. ;p

until we suddenly dont know what happened woke up automatically. we ordered food. and still continue searching for jobs. never give up. LOL. called, sms, internet and any ways that we could found job, i just tried. still, we got nothing. ishhh. =/ you know the feeling of always staying at home is sux. boring deihh! x( so if anyone need any promoter please find me. =/

we ate our dinner, watched drama and chit chat. planned what to do when to do and alots of topic. LOL. around 8pm, she left. and i am alone again. WTF. =="
ishh. once again, any job? :(

- by kellyetan

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