Sunday, December 26, 2010

| 26122010 | * Last Day of Working :]

it's last day of working. work as usual and keep all the stuffs at around 8.30pm. 8pm we already start free! go walk around the fair and see the mouse, laptop skins, speaker, ear phone, pen drive and many other stuffs.

went back to our booth and start packing things. just like LM. i miss LM. dont have to say much, jiayong surely pack very fast. LM committee mahh. sure very very geng one. ;p pack all the inks, move all the boxes because it is very messy. LOL. took off shoe because its high, we are difficult sto squad down and pack things. smelly. =/

after packing everything, we got our salary on the spot! RM310 i've got it! :) but the feeling not that excited. the most excited is they bank in. and when we go to the bank and update and we see the amount had increase surprisingly. that's the excite i want. LOL. but no choice, just get it on the spot and i bank in myself lur. =/

i didnt drive my car today. its kaijin sent us here. the 17 girls needed people to send them to the KTM. and in the car they said this and that, dont wanna back home and wanna join us. *so cheap* LOL. how to sit in a car? please dont fathao in front of the guys and fake fake join us. i feel so dislike. =/ end up, they didnt join us and i dont know whoever sent them back. we still continue went to my house. drove my car out and went pappa rich together. had our dinner there. we did apologize to kaijin because we talked to him very fierce, its like we are ordering him not to sent the girls and not to let them join us like that. so we apologize :( sorry kaijin.

dinner at pappa rich and chat. before the work ends we took alot of photos. 4 in pink and 2 in blue. :) its all planned by us. we planned to wear formal but afraid alex scold by his boss. O.o so we wear in color :) alright back to topic, after makan, sent them home and i am home, it was around 1am that time. woots! :) happy working together :)

- while working :)

- packing :)

- puiyi and me :)

- my boyfwend and me :)

- puiyi, jasmine and me :)

- puiyi, my boyfwend and me :)

- my boyfwend and me :)

- my boyfwend tanjiayong :)

- puiyi and me :)

- the girls; 2 pink and 1 blue. :)

- the boys; 2 pink and 1 blue. :)

- my boyfwend and her boyfwend; the pink group :)

- her boyfwend; the blue group. :)

- the 6 of us in 18. :)

- pappa rich. :)

- by kellyetan

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Merel ♥ said...

haha to wear colors is very funny!:p
The pictures are really nice, seems all so cosy hehe x)