Friday, December 31, 2010

| 31122010 | * New Year Eve!

it's New Year Eve everyone! Anyone staying at home alone? Dont do so okay? Find friends out to countdown! If nobody date you out, just do what i did. Find job and work x( *sounds more pity* ishhh! Nobody date me out seriously, Jack did call me out for countdown but it's too late. x( i am working tho. =/

im working in Time Square in front of IT Centre, selling Papago and WayWay GPS again. because high pay and easy. you know people always did well in the things they always do. x) just like i always sell GPS and now i am pro! wahahahahahahaha x) alright im just joking, not very very pro also. x)

im working with puiyi, therefore im spending my new year eve and new year with her. jeffery also went there accompany me and her girlfwend, and i also have the pleasure to meet him up. x)
people working there is very very friendly. they are not so LCLY like my past 2 jobs, i work until very unhappy. but this time im very very happy! all the worker are kind and helpful. x)

in time square are kinda crowded today also. perhaps everyone's gonna count down? x) we also sold alot of GPS today. if im not mistaken is around 10 GPS we sold. whee!

anyway! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! All the best everyone! What you did is wrong, what the luck you've got, its all the past! In new brand year, make your life full of meaning and never did the same mistakes! (:

- by kellyetan

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